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Attack of the Frenchie!

OMG, I was attacked by a French man yesterday!

Umm.. I only spent about 3 hours in the office yesterday, but that’s ok, because I was working till 11pm last night again! haha. I left the office at 1ish and went over to the Tustin Mazda dealer. Wondered around the lot for about 15 minutes and didn’t see a SINGLE salesman. So I left. Bastards. Guess I don’t need a new car. haha.

Came home after that and hung out. Then started working again about 3ish. Got a lot of stuff done, but for some reason I can’t get apache to talk to jrun. Fucking coldfusion! And macromedia’s documentation SUCKS ASS! Grrr.

Got my Mary Tyler Moore Season 2 disks yesterday. I’m way excited about that. 😀

About 6ish I got bored here and went down to the Klatch. Hung out there till 10 doing work. Then came home and worked for another hour because I couldn’t ge tto sleep. Damn coffee!

Anyways. I was sitting there minding my own business when this damn drunk frenchie came up and started talking to me! He WOULD NOT shut up. It was so annoying. He asked me where I worked and what i did like 5 times and he kept blabbing and going on and grr. It was so annoying because all the hot boys were JUST starting to show up too! And the only way to really get away from him was to leave. So that’s what I had to do. 🙁 Damn Frenchie. I might go back down there today though. It was nice to just hang out and get some work done.

I have lots of laundry to do, but I don’t really feel like doing it today.

Well adios!

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goddammit! i go to view your journal…as in “not on my friends’ page,” but your actual journal itself. way to make it as seizure-inducing as possible. dear lord, put a warning label on that shit!

And of course, being the epitome of intelligence, I go to view your page again. And this time, no seizures. God I feel retarded.

It seems like anymore when a person goes to the car dealerships that if you are interested in a car you have to go up to them. They no longer come out to you.

Which is the way I prefer it. But if you are there a for a while they should come out and talk to ya.

Enjoy the Mary Tyler Moore dvds.

I would have gone up and asked someone for help, but I literally could NOT find anyone! I even walked through the showroom area and there wasn’t anyone in there. So who the fuck knows.

Oh well.

Well that is weird. Maybe you should have started taking cars for a test spin.

Of course then you might be sitting in jail though. HA!HA!

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