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So who here knew that Paul Schafer (From David Letterman) wrote “It’s Raining Men”?!?!

Umm, so this weekend was ok. Friday I went out with the Astricon people. Dinner with 40 people was hilarious, and cost $2,000!! Good thing someone else was paying! After that we went down to newport beach which was kinda a bust. Oh well. Ended up staying out till midnight that night.

Got up Saturday and spent the day wondering around my house talking to Blake online. After two weeks, we finially got to skype it again. So that was nice. THough I kinda laid into him about how I feel left out of his life sometimes. and how it really pisses me off that i can’t see him more. I mean he’s only 2.5 hours away. I would be willing to laeve here at noon on fridays, go up there and hang out with him for 3 or 4 hours after his class and then drive back home. But whatever.

saturday night Brian came over and hung out. It was nice that he came over, but i was a bit annoyed because he only came over while he was waiting for his other friends to call him. Because if he’s not out of his house by 8 he gets bitched at apparently. He ended up staying till nearly 11:30, but that’s because his frineds didn’t call him back till then. Whatever. it was nice to hang out. We watched Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy. Which i thought was pretty funny.

Sunday was more of the same. Sitting around my house. Only it was raining and overcast and made me depressed. Because when it’s rainy and overcast like that I like to sit infront of the fire and cuddle. But alas, no one to do it with! Blah.

I was dead tired for some reason and went to bed at 6:30ish. Was alseep by 7. Then someone called and woke me up at 8. I looked at the clock and thought it was 8AM! So I jumped in the shower and then realized it was 8pm! haha. So I went back to bed.

Also found these two amazing things this weekend:

Throw Bush Around!

Magic Cone (Thanks to Zach for that one).

Adios yall.

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You know sometimes I hate it when friends come over to supposely spend time with you and in truth they are just waiting for their “real friends” to call them. It kinda makes me feel used.

Glad to hear you had a good time with the Astricons.


Yeah. I dunno what to think really about him. Like usually when people do that sort of thing, you hardly ever talk to them and then they are all like. “Lets do something”

But with him I takl to him nearly every day and i always enjoy the convos, who knows if he does or not. And he said he likes hanging out with me. Perhaps it’s that he likes hanging out, just that he’s not out enough yet to want to be seen with me? Who knows. Crazy straight closet boys.

I suggested we actually go out sometime and do something besides just hanging at my place, but he steered clear of that topic. Oh well, i’m just happy that i have smoeone that will hang out with me. Even if it is just a temporary stop.

God, i’m such a loser!

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