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Jack And Coke

I always forget how good Jack and Coke is.. Yummy! It warms you up and makes you feel all good inside.

Have you ever noticed how you can get a 2 liter of pop for $1.00 and a 20oz. is $1.19?! WTF?! That makes no sence.

I have a nice fire going tonight. It’s so coozy. I just wish I had someone with a sexy ass to cuddle with infront of the fire. 🙂 I love cuddling infront of the fire at my parents house. Cause both the Living room and Family room have wonderful views of the back yard. And when it’s late at night you can have the fire on and you can sit there infront of it and look out the picture windows on the woods and the snow, and see the bucks out in the back yard fighting.. It’s so amazing! I love nature.

And that brings me to the real point of this post…. I’ve been thinking about Eagle Bound again… I really want to teach it again. But instead of at Camp, I think it’d be really cool to do like a weekend thing. Bring together a bunch of scouts from different troops. (Idealy it’d be 20 scouts, and 5-10 adults, and two facilitators). Break them down into patrols and run it like a Troop. Spend Friday night getting to know everyone and have camp songs and a welcome ceremony and then spend ALL day saturday and the morning of Sunday learning the basics of Scouting. Spend early Saturday afternoon reviewing and stuff then have Eagle Bound Olympics Sunday late afternoon, then pack up and leave by 6pm. I think it would be amazing. Since most crossing over cerimonies happen in the early spring or early fall. You could do it twice a year if there’s enough interest.

But the best time to have it would be Late March or Early May because then you could get all the new scouts and you can get them advanced enough so that they can have a great first year at summer camp earning merit badges and stuff. Because my first year at camp I earned 6 merit badges and I think that was amazing because you can really get a good quick start. But like at Mitigiwa if you wait to do Eagle Bound AT camp you loose the ability to do 2 of those.

So by getting them to do it in the month or two before camp you can get them geared up to go to summer camp and you can get them ready to really learn in the merit badges at camp. IE, if one were to take orienteering at camp, and HADN’T completed that part of the First/Second Class requirements you’d have to teach them EVERYTHING and thus hold back the scouts in Orienteering who HAD learned that. So it benifits everyone.

My one fear though is that if I go back to the scouts and get as involved as I’d like, there’s a better chance of getting “The Letter”. If I keep my distance, I won’t get the letter… Because once I get the letter, it’s all over. I lose all my hopes.

But anyways, I’ve even been sitting here thinking up new games for the Olympics. The ones we had at Mitigwa we’re pretty involved in the setup and operations… So yeah, they wouldn’t work with a limited staff one would have at a weekend get away. At Mitigwa I had 10 staff, plus one assistant director and then ME the director. 😀 There I could also handle up to 80 people doing the Olumics at one time, and up to 40 people in each class. Cleary, at a weekend get away there’d have to be a limit of 20-25 or so, and I would hope that it could become populart enough to put on two – three times a year and maybe even atract people from neighboring councils, and hopefully in time be able to pay a staff.

But speaking of Mitigwa and all this, it’s amazing how many people out there are searching for Mitigwa on Google (23 hits).

The words “Boyfriend application” were my biggest hits though (242).

Some other random searches that are funny:

“Taste of lexus”

“barry road having sex”

“brian presnall” <~ Only funny if you know who this is (ANDREW!) "joel taylor porn" <~ Same note as above "hazemat" "11 sept. 2001 enya" <~ Random?! "what a night. what a waste of my dad\ s $270." " password" <~~ I actually got TWO hits from that one... What the HELL is this site and why would ANYONE go there? I actually got a lot of hits on various "Andy Mcgee" things and a few other people that I know from back home. Kinda makes you wonder who's googling these people!? Other Various Stats: OS Visitors: Windows - 65% Mac - 20% Other - 15% Browsers: IE - 50% Firefox - 11% Safari - 18% And the rest is from about 50 other various browsers, the most random one being: UP.Browser It's also amazing that I even have a Lynx user! Yay! Google sent me a total of 478 unique visitors which was 70% of my seach hits And hello to my Cocos (Keeling) Islands visitor! 80% of people spend between 30seconds and 2minutes viewing my site Ok, that's enough randomness. I just saw this horrible news broadcast about who some neighborhood is trying to get a sex offender kicked out of his house he's lived in for 10 years... OMG people, the guy DID his time, and he's repaid his debt to society, he has EVERY RIGHT to live wherever he wants. God I hate when people do this shit. It's just like the whole smoking things in resturants and public areas. (Well ok, there's arguments against smoking on both sides and the people haven't paid society for thier smoking, but still) Anyways, adios yall!

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Why ruin good Jack Daniels with Coke drink it on the rock or with a little club soda. I want to get back into scouting also, but you know me I hardly have any time as it is…Well hopefully soon i will have more…TTYL

I’m not as straight as you are. I can’t drink it on the rocks. I like the taste, but I have to have something to cut it with.

I wish you lived closer so we could both go back into scouting together… That’d be lots of fun. Maybe we could take on this project together.

Anyways, have fun sexy beans. Adios!

I enjoyed scoutint when I was in it. I really loved the camping the most.

About the sex-offenders. I am not sure I agree 100% with our local governments on what they are doing. I mean what these sex-offenders do is not right, but to make them all move like what their doing. So far I am surprise that it has not gone before the U.S. Supreme Court. If they are going to do this to them, then maybe they should put all of them some place like an abandon town out in the middle of nowhere. I really don’t have any answers on this.

And I used to drink Jack Daniels with Coke. I am like you Chris, I need something to cut it with. Boy, did I get drunk off that a time to two.


Yeah, one would think that would be against the law to force people to move. You know the whole “freedom” thing we’re supposed to have?

Stupid ass government.

Man-before I had a kid I used to feel the same way about sex offenders. Now I think they should just lock them up and toss the key.

Just today a sex offender tried to abduct a 20 month old from the Des Moines Public Library downtown. Frickin scary!

Yes, I agree they should be sent away for a really long time. But it’s still not going to stop these things from happening. And with our current system, they get out much easier they then should.

I just think that if someone has “repaid” thier debt to society then they shouldn’t be FORCED to move. Once you get out of jail you have rights again, and I see this as a violation of those rights.

Rights smights, come on it’s the Bush era-we don’t get no stinkin rights-thems for the important people.


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