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OMG, the airplane!

Gah! The news pisses me off… So I was watching Married with children today at 4:30, and all of a sudden the break in with this horrible news of this stupid airplane flying around Long Beach… The landing gear was broken….

Ok, great. Thanks for telling us. Now go back to regular programmig till something fucking happens! There’s NOTHING we can do, and NOTHING that’s going to happen while the stupid plane flys around for 2 fucking hours burning fuel! OMG people, get over it! So yes, all the fucking news stations stayed on for 2.5 hours with a fucking plane flying around the skies, simply because the fucking landing gear was broken. GRR!

It’s just like Iowa, as soon as there’s a CHANCE of a fucking torando they all break in and stay on with the weather.. It’s like… ‘Great, I can look outside and see that it’s bad weather” But don’t INTERUPT me till there’s something good going on, like say, THERE’S A TORNADO ON THE GROUND!

Or interupt when the plane is on final decent. It’s not like they didn’t have a 30 minute or more warning before the plane landed. Though I do have to say that the landing was pretty cool to watch. I was kinda hoping that the front gear would break off, but it didn’t.

This morning I was at breakfast with everyone from work and someone brought up that they expect us to do TWO deploys in one weekend…

FYI, it takes 25 hours to do ONE DEPLOY. And these can NOT be done at the same time…. PLUS they want it done by noon on Saturday! We can’t start till 8pm Friday!… I laughed upon hearing this.

My project that I talked about earlier, where I said it ended up being easy because I just had to uncomment things…. Well, I got about 8 million more requirements for that project today. So it’s going to turn out to be VERY hard! I’m going to have to learn a lot now too…. Here’s what all he wants:

* Dynamic Queries

* Stored Queries

* Subscribable Queries

* Ical Exported Queries

Along with a few other things that I can’t remember right now. Grrr. I sat there mentally planning it for most of the day today.

I finially got to talk to Jimmy today on AIM… I’m still saying he’s just a figment of Blake’s imagination. haha.

I found these to be amusing:

Everyone kept asking me where the interview was… THERE WAS NO INTERVIEW! I just felt like being sexy!


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I agree about the news cutting in on good shows. They should only show it when it happens and me being in Iowa, especially Waterloo Channel 7(NBC) is way bad, actually channel 3(KCRG) is getting bad at it too.

They should show something when it touches down.

So what are your hours at work generally? For the most part do you like your job?

And I like the last picture with all those words, sometimes I can imagine that myself.


I work 6-2 M-F… It’s a nice job, it pays the bills. But sometimes I wonder if I should really be in this field. I don’t love it like I should.

Channel 8 back there was pretty bad about cutting in too… It always annoyed me!

Those aren’t bad hours. Then you have all afternoon to do whatever you want.

I know how you feel, right now I am not in the field I want to work in. Hopefully within a year I can get into it. Thats where the working out will pay off and does everyday that I would do this job.

Maybe there are other companies you can work for or other similar jobs that might be better. I could imagine the job market there is most likely alot bigger than here. Considering Des Moines is the biggest in Iowa.


i liked watching it. it is amazong how much fuel those things hold when he was taking off he was carrying 91,000lbs of fuel, which make it about 13,582 gallons. meaning planes suck in gas milage. a little less than 3mpg. the reason he had to fly around for 3 and a half hours is because a plane is able to take off with a full fuel tank, but it is a lot harder to land. LA sucks because they would not allow him to dump fuel because who knows what would happen with it on the ground…they dont want PETA and Green Peace to bitch. so you just have to fly around until you have about an hours worth of gas left. and also if you had all that fuel it could cause the plane to explode and then you will get a twa 400 all over again. oh well enough rambling…talk to you all later…oh btw did you know that the Wright Bros. first flight was less than the wing span of a 747…thought i would add that since we are on the subjects of planes

Yes, I knew all of that! :-p I’m not stupid. :'(

I’m just annoyed that they had to sit there for 2 hours making shit up. Like the people or “Experts” they had talking the whole time were just pulling shit of of thier ass.. .like “Right now he could be in contact with maintence on the ground” blah blah blah. We don’t care! Just show cut in at the begining of it and say “HEy, some plane might have to crash land”. And then maybe cut in each time there’s a major update, like when theymoved him from Long Beach to LAX, or something.

But the use of sitting there for 2 straight hours while the plane circled was a complete waste.

Anyways, 🙂 I’m going to go talk to you on aim!

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