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Coming and Going

Why is it that whenever I seem to meet people who I like….. And they like me back.

They seem to be going and I seem to be coming.

It’s an evil world.

I should go to church.

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I know what you mean. It seems like when I meet someone I like they live too far away and at this time in my life I am not ready to move, and it does depend where it is.

And although I believe in God, I gave up on church alwhile ago. If you have God in your heart, why do you have to go to church?

This is simply a variant of Murphy’s law. Remember- Murphy’s law is always in effect. It can be really frustrating though!

Tom: It seems my problem is that they start close and then move or leave. Andrew and I didn’t get together till just a few months before he moved to Cali for college… Not it seems if god has his way, my current intrest will be gone soon too.

I don’t belive in god… but i feel that maybe, just maybe if there is one. That going to church might help, might spare this so that I can find out if maybe there’s something there with my current interest.

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