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The moon tonight is amazing… Do you think it looks bigger? That’s because it does look bigger tonight. It’s something we haven’t seen in 16 years, but tonight the moon does look bigger. And it’s amazing.

I was in a bit of a daze on the way to work today and alomst rear-ended someone because I was looking at the moon. Stupid bitch was doing 35 in a 55… Didn’t help that I was doing 75. 🙂 Thankfully the stupid bitch saw me coming and swerved out of my way… The movement of her car lights snapped me out of it.

My cats of fleas.. hard core style. I’ve got them both flea collars, and some of those drop things. I’ve got some of that raid shit and sprayed it all over my floors and my couch. They just won’t die. I’ve been giving the cats baths, and I’m sure that’s not helping thier dry skin, but everytime I do I get more and more fleas off them. I’m thinking it’s time for a vet visit to get this problem under control.

I HATE fleas. They’re so gross and discusting. And all that shit.

I’m on call for the next two weeks. This weekend I have a lot of work to do it looks like, site upgrades and shit… I think that means it’s paid overtime though. 🙂 Gotta love that, specially since I’m going to have a $280 car repair bill soon.

Hmmm, I’ve been reconsidering if I want to move back to Iowa or not… Granted, I’ll probably eventually want to move back therish. But what’s the point now? I mean, if I get a job. It’ll be in Des Moines, Andrew would be in Ames… So it’d be just like now, I’d be bored and depressed on the week and have stuff to do on the weeekends, but I wouldn’t have the beach here and the nice weather…. But Then I’d have the crazy weather of Iowa which I do like… I dunno, this place is finially starting to grow on me, and well…. I just don’t want the effort of moving back… Who knows.

I’m sure in a few days I’ll be whining again about not being in Iowa… I have every right to change my mind when I want too damnit!


I’m very confused about what to think about Myke as a friend right now, I’d like to hang out with him some more, but he just seems to not really want to talk to me that much. AT least not on AIM… maybe that’s the way he is… Some people are like that, and I have to remind myself that… They aren’t like me who likes to say “HI” and chat about thier day online… But then at least I’m not crazy and sending 8million messages a minute and won’t shut the hell up like other people… Blah, I just wish I had the guts to fucking ask him if he liked hanging out with me the other night, or if I just annoy the hell out of him… I’ve decided though that I’m just going to let him IM me when he wants to online. and see how it goes.

Got anoter e-mail from Andrew today too.. Sounds like he’s having a great time on the ship, so that’s good to hear. I hope he brings me back something DAMN good, since I gave him my camera and all! Though I’m not really sure when I’d GET IT! Since I probably won’t be seeinghim for a while.

I updated our backup shit yesterday, and well… I got 16 failure e-mails just today! Glad to know that someone was notifying us that things were failing. Gah!

Night all.

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You know, I hope I don’t sound like a crazy talking about all this Myke stuff, but I just have to say that I really do hope that we could be friends, because he seems like such a cool guy and I really feel that we have a lot in common….


Flea collars are bad-the fleas just run to the…err…other end of the cat. Plus they

are toxic and can make kitty sick.

They used to have this bomb stuff you could use-you have to leave the house for awhile but it worked really well when we had fleas-give the kitties a super good flea bath, crate them up before another nasty flea can get on them, set off the bomb, and leave the house.

Well find out the name of that flea bomb stuff… I went and bought some of that fogger stuff by RAID. I set it off today and then gave the kats a really good bath… but it seems they still have fleas.

And grrr!

How did the kitties get fleas??

Flea collars don’t work very well and can sometimes make cats with skin problems even worse. It’s best to bathe them in a shampoo you can get from your vet – Mycodex Flea Shampoo With 3x Pyrethrins is good. I used that to clean up my two cats that I got from my cousin who lived out in the country and let them run wild. They were COVERED in fleas. That will get rid of them on the cats. But it doesnt help if the apartment is totally infested because they will just get back onto the cats once the cat is dry. Talk to the vet about how to get that fixed. You may need to just spray with some in home spray, or flea bomb the place. Or, you may have to call an exterminator if it’s bad enough. The eggs get into carpeting and bedding – anything comfy that the cats sleep/sit on. You’ll have to wash all that stuff or throw it out. If its something big like a couch or chair, vacuum it daily. Get drops for the cats, Frontline or Revolution. Get them from the vet. OTC drops have been known to kill cats. Don’t use any Hartz products- (Warning – some disturbing pictures are on the main page).

I hope that helps. Good Luck!

Umm, they like to go outside? lol.

Yeah, I dunno. It’s a fucking pain in the ass. I looked up that shampoo you suggested and am going to buy it. Also went out and got some foggers, but that won’t kill the eggs… So yeah.

I actually have been vacumming my couch like twice a day. I think after I get that shampoo I’ll go get one of those rug doctor things and do that all over the floors and the couch, cause that should pick up most of the eggs and everything. Then I’ll bathe the kitties.

Fucking nasty little things.

I knew about the Hartz things, they’re a horrible company!

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