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Feeling Stupid

I’ve been thinking lately, and I’m really starting to wonder if I really choose to go into the right thing… I mean, I enjoy my job and I like computers and I know a lot about them… But sometimes I just feel stupid.

Like this morning, I was trying to find out which routes this damn solaris box had and I couldn’t figure out the command to show the routes… Now in Windows it’s ‘route print’, in linux it’s just ‘route’. In solaris it’s ‘netstat -rn’. Now, I knew it was netstat with some stupid options, but I just didn’t know, and I felt stupid because I had to ask what they were. But there are lots of other littl things like that that I just feel stupid about. And I know that I’ll eventually learn them all but, I just feel like there’s so much that I don’t know yet and I SHOULD know it.

I wish I had a solaris box of my own to play with… Or, I guess I could download solaris now, can’t I? Have I complained recently about how much I HATE solaris anyways? It’s such a POS if you ask me. Sure it’s stable, but Linux will give you the same stability, with a hell of a lot better interface, and such. It’ really bugs me that the same command works differently between linux, solaris, bsd and even under apple…. Gah! Why can’t they just all be the same?

For instance, the route command, works differently for adding a route under all those OSes. It’s really annoying.

Blah. But I just don’t know what I’d do if I weren’t an IT guy.

Anyways…. I haven’t done shit today. I’m still learning VoIP and now I’m playing with netbackup. 🙂 Have I mentioned that I hate Veritas?


You want to know something else that I hate? Stupid little kids who don’t have to go to school all day any more. Because they have been keeping me up! ALL DAY! They yell and scream right outside my window, and they run all they make a mess all over! I want to just shoot them. I hate children!

I made italian sausage sandwhiches today for dinner… I went to the store and got “Hot” italian sausage… If you ask me, it didn’t taste hot at all. But I can still feel it in my tummy. It tasted good. Just not hot like I wanted it.

Our network here keeps going in and out… Blah! I hate that too, because then I have no one to chat with online.

Umm, and that’s about it.

Goodnight all.

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Stupid? Not even close! Struggling to keep up with new technology-we all are!! If you know what is going on you are not getting anything done!!

You are eons ahead of me. I don’t even know why you would need a route command or what you would do with it. LOL Granted, I am not in IT, but still, you know more about computers than I ever will.

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