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What If.

So I was watching I Love Lucy today, and was thinking… what if I really did live back in that time period? you know the 50’s and 60’s? What would I do for a living, I mean I couldn’t have been a computer guy like I am now. So what is it that I would have done? Perhaps a doctor, or a farmer, or a who knows what. Would I have even gone to college. Would I still be living in Iowa, or would I have moved away. It’s just so strange to think about.

Then I got to thinking, what if we are all reincarnated. But what if it happened and we KEPT all our past knowledge from life. I mean, what if you were a tree… And you gained all this knowledge that trees gain… Do they gain anything, or would the knowledge just be of how to grow, and that sort of thing? And then you were reincarnated as a dog or monkey or something. And then! You’d be a monkey with the knowledge of a tree, and you’d gain the knowledge of a monkey! And then after years and years, you were a human. Would you then be able to TALK to monkeys, and dogs and whatever else you had been in past lifes? Or what!

And what if you were a human and then went back to being a monkey. Then you’d be a monkey with whatever knowledge you got while being a human, and you’d be able to communicate with them. Or would you just rather pretend to not know that and live life as a “monkey”!

Or what if, you had in apast life been some great person, such as Einstien or Newton or Washington! And you then had all that knowledge. Would our minds be able to hold all that additional thinking. What would you think if you had once been washington and now you’re bush?! Or some such thing like that.

And the opposite could happen too… What if you were a murder, or hitler! and then you were reincarnated. Would you then be liable for what hitler did? Since you have all his knowledge? I mean, it’s a cool idea, right?!

But then our world would be full of super geniouses (sp) and the like, and maybe by now we would be able to time travel or something!lol

Ok, so really. What did I do this weekend? Not much. Friday night I worked. 8 hours. Blah. Lots of problems too. I had to call both SA’s and Ben was pissed that I woke him up. Oh well.

Saturday I slept, then got up, went to the pool and tanned/swam. That was fun. Didn’t do much else all day.

Sunday, more of the same.

Night all.

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