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No Computer for me?

So this morning I bounced bastion. It never came back up.

So I met oscar at the datacenter and we couldn’t connect to it. Anyways long story short is that Damon tried to pin it on me, when it wasn’t my fault at all. I was told to bounce it, I did and that’s all I did. Grrr. I also got blamed for bringing down one of the sites last night.. Now, it WAS me that brought it down. But 7 other people had APPROVED my bringing it down! So it’s NOT my fault. This whole CR process is just NOT WORKING. Because one of the people who approves these things based on the CR process, just e-mailed saying that she didn’t catch it and things like this should be on OUR shoulders. The whole IDEA of the CR process is that the AM knows what the hell is going on and approves of denies things if something else is already scheduled.

I also heard that the company is not planning on buying me a laptop. Apparently They feel that my apple laptop is good enough. Even though the newest member of our team was bought a new apple laptop AND a mac mini, by the office… I’m not sure if it’s just a mis understanding (That maybe they guy incharge of this stuff, who just started a couple months ago) thinks that the company bought my laptop, or what. But I have to get time to talk to him about that.

I’m also getting a little annoying about this whole RT thing. An e-mail was sent out today by one of the VP’s complaining that it wasn’t done yet. An e-mail was replied saying that Zac had been working on it before his accident. Now, lets get it straight, zac had never TOUCHED the new box. It was ALL MINE. And the hold up was Damon! But anyways, the new guy is working on it, so whatever. It’s out of my hands now.

Ok, in other news, not much else going on. I’ve been REALLY tired lately, which is wierd. Usually when I work out, I get more energy, now I seem to never have any.

Blah blah blah. I’m out.

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