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Back In Iowa


Why’s it seem that all the people I WANT to date are in Iowa. 🙁

Jed’s there, I wouldn’t mind dating him. And even before dating him, I can see that it would work for a while. He might have some annoying habit, but we spent a lot of time together at camp, and well. He’s a great guy.

Justin’s there, I could date him. Though he’d have to stop drinking so much.

And lastly, Andrew’s there. My one true love.

Fuck this world… I think I need to see a mental guy..

I’m very depressed right now… And I really want to go see Andrew. I want to tell him not to go, because I want to be his friend again. But I just can’t. It won’t make any difference now.

If only he had stayed at ISU when I asked him to 2 years ago. If only.

Fuck my life. Nothing works out.

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