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As you’ve probably noticed already, the site is all new! 🙂

I’ve upgraded to WP1.5, which I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Check out all the themes people! (On the right, towards the bottom. I might be moving it soon though) I’ve only personalized this one so far (Red Train). But they are all way hot! I couldn’t choose just one, so that’s why I gave you so many to choose from. I swear sometime in the next year I’ll get around to upgrading them all.

I was really hoping that I could just create a default sidebar and do a php_require_once, but it appears that these themes haven’t been programed with that thought train, so I may just have to edit each one individually, or maybe make them all work together so that they do what I want. Both options will take a hella long time to do though. Which as we all know I don’t have the time to do that.

Other fun new stuff is that I’ve decided all the pages on the really old sites of cjbonline are going to be brought back, including the about me page, poems, etc. And now that WP has static pages, it’s a great thing! So be on the look out for those.

I’ve also though about maybe making an archive directory, with all the older versions of (I have a lot of them, I always make a backup before any changes). However that’ll probably not happen as I don’t have the disk space on my server (I have 200 megs and currently use 150). 🙂

Let see, what else.

I’ve been deploying like mad at work lately, 12-14 hour days, it’s been rough but it’s calming down after next week it looks like. I also finially got the clearance to go to the Data Center by myself. I still have to go pick up my badge though. I’ve also been getting a little bit frustrated. found out that the laptop which was next to my desk was for some new guy, which is a bit annoying. It just seems like all the talk of moving me up has been put on hold, as they’re hiring so many people and filling all the posible positions that I could have taken. I just don’t see where I’m going now. I’d like to sit down with jon and ask, but I just don’t know how to bring it up.

Went to the gym tonight for the first time in a while, and I’m hurting from it. lol.

OH! One last thing, i accidentially ran an update on my database that wiped out the Private=1 for all private entries, so they are all now public… Whoops…. I meant to just update a range or posts, but I had the stupid <> signs in the wrong place. Stupid me! So yeah, hope that’s ok with everyone.

Alright, I’m out. Night all.

(PS, for those on LJ, please go here:

One reply on “WELCOME!”

I’ve looked at a few of the themes and been impressed, but I really want to write my own. Still, these are some sweet ones. My next goal is to add metadata to my posts (“Currently Listening to”) and have WP display the metadata automatically. I wrote about this system a long time ago.

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