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Homeland Sec Blows $16mil

I love how our government blows money money money everywhere.

15 attack senarios Sad thing is that I think Krell was involved in the creation of this document.

I also wanted to write a bit about life in general here… Kinda funny how it’s been 4 years since I first had sex… Seems so much longer ago, and yet, so much more recent all at the same time.

I was also reading journal entries from the time of Adam and also from the time of Andrew, I wish that Adam and I had stayed closer friends, and I wish things between Andrew and I would have worked out… But right now, I just can’t be his friend. Maybe sometime in the future.

I always wonder though if he still reads this, or what he’s doing. I wish we could at least talk and share our lives.

Laters all.

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I really disliked Quicksilver. I thought it was overlong, rambling, and tedious. Maybe the sequels are better, but I won’t be trying them for quite awhile.If you really like Stephenson, try reading Stephen Bury–it’s actually the penname of a collaboration between Stephenson and his father-in-law. It’s almost exactly like reading good Stephenson, except that the Bury books have good endings instead of just stopping (a la Snow Crash and Cryptonomicon). Interface and The Cobweb are the only two I know of (The Cobweb is even set in Iowa).

See, I really liked the ending of cryptonomicon, but then I’m under the impression that it’ll pick back up in one of these other three books.

I will have to look into these other books you speak of though. 🙂

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