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Movie TIME!

Someone HAS to make a movie of cryptonomicon, of course, it’d be like 6 hours long to get all the good details, but I think they could work it all out. There’s more then enough sex and violence and that underlying love story (well three love stories really) that the movie producers wouldn’t have to add anything to it, and veeryone would go see it!

And I command all of you reading this to go read the book! OMG, I just (Literaly just) finished reading the book and it was SOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOO GOOD! It’s amazing, because at first you are reading three stories about three seemingly complety unconnected things, then half way through you start to see the common people and the common names and all that, then by the end all the people who are still alive (very few) are all together and in the present day! It’s so amazing! OMG, I can’t fucking wait for Quicksliver to get here… I feel a lot of the night time at camp will be spent reading it. 🙂

Not too much else goin gon with me. I got up about 2 today and went with JonJon up to Newport area to meet with Lexi. We hung out at her office for like an hour and then went shopping. Back to my house, west wing and then work.

Well, anyways, everyone go read that book damnit!

And some fucking person make a movie already!

Laters all.

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