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Andrew and I hung out last night.

We fought about lots of stupid things and I’m getting really pissed off with always fighting with him about something.

We’re fighting right now because i didn’t mention that we hung out last night.

Getting really sick of it.

Night all.

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Just to point out to people who read this: last week, when I didn’t write that Chris and I hung out he got all pissed at me, and I changed it, without being bitchy. When I ask him to do the same thing, this is the result.

Just to point out, all I said to Andrew last week was…. “Nice of you tomention that i came up”.

And just to point out, that this week he bitched at me and wouldn’t drop it tell I changed it… I never ASKED him to change it. I made a simple comment.

And I’m not being bitchy, I’m telling the truth, all we ever do anymore is fight and I’m fuckig sick of it.

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