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Well, I finially passed that damned exam.. 933 this time! Thank god!

So next week, or mid week after, I’ll be taking my next exam. You can all look forward to that enjoyment.

Well, it’s been a week since I last updated, and not too much has really been going on. Lets see, Friday I went out to this party with JonJon, it was a straight party and well, the people were nice and it was ok.. But the place was a pit and disgusting. Blah! There was also this guy there that I swear I knew. Oh well. Sadly they were all straight.

Saturday, I got up early with Nikki and we went to get wood for the camping trip. Picked that up and came back to my place then we studied for her test and then JonJon me and her went to lunch… After that she went to work and JonJon and I just hung out. Josh came over late that night and we all watched a movie and then went to bed… (Well we all didn’t go to bed, though that would have been fun). 😛 Actually I didn’t go to bed tell like 6am.

Sunday, we were supposed to go hiking, but my alarm didn’t go off… Good old Nikki though came and pounded on my door and called until we got up and then we went out hiking… It was a good old time. We walked about 5 miles from Laguna Beach back to Aliso Viejo. Lots of cool pics. I’ll have to get them still from lauren.

Got home after that and went to bed for a few more hours. (Ok, I slept tell like 10 or something when Andrew called and woke me up).

Work that night and then went home, sleep and more work tonight.


The build has failed already.

Night all.

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Oh yeah, you DEFINITELY didn’t come up and hang out with me tonight. Yep, that didn’t happen. Thanks.

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