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Eat Your Grapes…. They Keep You Regular!

I heard that phrase like 100,000,000 times this weekend…. but it was a GREAT weekend!

I can’t remember the days that we did everthing on, but here’s a brief list of the shit:


Living Desert


Gay Mart


Botanical Garden


Date Festival

and more Shopping.

We also went to the club house for dinner one night and ate out a lot… The bill for us at the club house was $115!! It was insane.

I really loved that area though, it was so pretty even though it rained a lot.

And my aunt is a drunk, a HUGE drunk it was hilarious!

Anyways, took my SECUR test today… Missed it by 5 fucking points.. I was so mad after that… Though it’s a HELL of a lot better then I thought I was doing on the test… I swore I was going to get like 60% on it or something, so getting 85.5% is a hell of a lot better. Though it sucks ass cause I have to pay for the $125 dollars now cause I failed it. 🙁

Umm, not too much else going on with my life. Starting a hard core diet now, fewer calories and more working out. I did my upper body today and it hurts like a mo-fo already!

Well, laters all. Work calls.

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