Zetta Bytes

I got my Zetta Bytes back today…. I’m happy as hell about that….

Other things still aren’t going well at all… Going to go talk to Andrew tomorrow to see how things with us are going to work out. I’m a bit pissed at all his friends, who claimed they liked me… Clearly it was all a lie because they were damn fast in telling him how horrible I am. Fuck you all.

I wish I could move back to Iowa and continue to make what I do now… I could afford a nice 3 bedroom 2.5 bath house in Ames… I found one built in ’99 and it’s so cute, and on 2 acres.

I’ve decided that I hate people in general. I love my house in Iowa because of that… You are secluded enough that you don’t have to deal with people, yet close enough to everyone that it’s good… I don’t think I could live on a farm or anything though.

I really hope my PU’s don’t sell the house. I’d eventually like to buy it from them and live there.


I want to take my SECUR test today, but Sean didn’t call me back yesterday, so who knows if I’ll get the chance too.

Speaking of, I talked to this cute guy on myspace today from South Carolina, he’s like way into Secure computing and shit too and he told me about this SANS conf in San Diego coming up.. I really want to go, but it’s $3,000! And my company deff won’t pay for that!

I think I’ll make a road trip back to Iowa in August to go the state fair and to get the rest of my shit…. Perhaps I’ll make appointments for interviews while I’m back. I think I’ll drag some people along too, I know for sure that JonJon wants to go, anyone else?

Laters all.

your palms are sweaty and I’m barely listening to last demands

i’m staring at the asphalt wondering what’s buried underneath where i am

you seem so out of context in this gaudy apartment complex

a stranger with a door key explaining that i am just visiting

and i am finally seeing why i was the one worth leaving

the district sleeps alone tonight after the bars turn out their lights

and send the autos swerving into the loneliest evening

and i am finally seeing why i was the one worth leaving

One thought on “Zetta Bytes”

  1. yes. come back to the state fair. i’ll probly be there everyday with the dm radio group.

    and make sure your new hourse has a hot tub.

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