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Long Day

Today has been a very long day. Work was long yesterday and I got home and worked some more. Then I went to bed.

I got up about noon cause I could sleep, and then JonJon and I went to Mission Mall to the apple store. Got in there and they said that my laptop needed a new hard drive. So they sent it in. Thankfully I already have all my stuff backed up. 🙂

Shopped around for a while after that. Old Navy has some REALLY cute button fly jeans that I want. Too bad I really shouldn’t be spending any money this month.

After that came home and looked up mixed drink recipeis for tomorrow. Found some good ones. Now I have to go tomorrow and buy the drinks and everything else.

Didn’t do too much else. Sat around the apartment and watched some TV. Went to bed again about 7:30 or so and got up about 11. I’m still sleepy though.

Anyways, night all.

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