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I want it!

Well I got my paycheck and my bonus was very nice… However my raise wasn’t in this paycheck, so I have to wait 2 weeks to find out what that was. 🙁

Though I’ve found this car online, It’s a REALLY nice car, as long as there’s no major engine problems with it.. It even has the DVD Navigation system in it… It’s only 17,000 right now, and I really want to put a bid in for it… I can afford it as long as it stays below $18,000. Gah. I shouldn’t be buying a car… But how often am I really going to be able to find something this nice.. Anyways, I’ll never get it.. I just want it. 🙁

Umm, last night was a bit rocky.. But Andrew and I talked about this whole Dan thing. It’s all OK now… I’m still a little annoyed about Court coming though because I know she doesn’t like me. But whatever.

Work tonight went amazingly well. I’m still here actually because I’m working tell 10. But it’s been DEAD! It always seems that when I work the 1-10 shift I never get any phones calls and the ones that I DO get I open and close right away…. Yet Rudy and Mike never seem to be able to keep up with the calls they get… Strange huh?

I took chapter-by-chapter tests last night for my ICND test… I got 80%+ on 6 chapters and 65%- on the other 6 chapters… Of course it’s like the middle 6 chapters that I did poorly in. Strange. So I’m re-reading all of those… Re-Taking all the chapter-by-chapter tests again tomorrow when I get in, and then going to start the sample tests… Hopefully those go well and I can take my test on Friday.

If that all works out I’m going to start on my CCSP next.. Jon changed it from the CCNP… Though there’s 5 tests for that one, and three of them qualify for me to get my VPN Admin and Firewall Admin, so I’ll do those three first to satisfy what Jon really wants and then finish off my CCSP after that.

Though I looked through the books for the 642-511 test and it looks really confusing. I hope it’s not that bad. Going to order them tomorrow hopefully I have to get approval from Jon first and he’s not here today.

Tonight will be spent at home studying. MUST STUDY! NO TV for me.

Oh, and brakes this weekend. It’s only going to cost about $250 at firestone for both front and back. So I think that’s alright. Maybe I should shop around some more first though…

I’m ready to go home.

Someone randomly IMed me last night…. Some guy I haven’t talked to online in like years.. It was radnom. Apparently Andrew hates him though. At least that’s what he said. (I think it was Dan Stamp)

Anyways, laters all.

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LOL. How did you know that I hate him? Did it come up? He’s was weird and stalkery.

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