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Great Night Out

So last night was a really long night for me. But it was TONS of fun!

I went out about 8ish and met Dustin, Ginny, Justin and two of Dustin’s friends at Jave Joes…. One of Dustin’s friends was from Irvine, so that was cool!

Anyways, we hung at Java’s tell like 10:30 or so and then went next door to the bar. Dustin and Girl got something and we all just kinda sat around there having a good old time.

I was kinda nervous at first about half the people only knowing half the people, but it all seemed to work out pretty good and everyone had a good time I think.

After that Ginny, Justin and I came back to my house. We were going to stop at Kum & Go, since it’s 24 hours and get stuff to drink. Well we get here and the fucking place is closed… That store has been 24 hours since it opened in 1996! What the fuck!

So we came to my house and my PU’s had stuff that was like 20 years old. We drank it anyways and it was actually really pretty good. 🙂

Anyways, we stayed in the hot tub for like 2 hours, ,and Ginny left somewhere in there early so Justin and I sat in there and talked and stuff. Then we came inside and…..

My dad was UP! Anyways, between the heat/COLD (Ie it was like -7 PLUS windchill last night) and then the heat again. I got REALLY dizzy, and fell over.

I hadn’t even really had that much to drink. So yeah, it was really embarrasing because my dad was there….

Anyways, I got up and Justin and I went up to my room and hung out for a while. Then I drove him home at like 4am. It was really good times, just like old times. I loved it. 🙂

Today I’m hanging out at the PUs all day.

Tomorrow is the Sibbel Christmas, sunday is the Black christmas, and I’m staying the night in Lenox. Hopefully to hang out with Jed and David. Monday I’m coming home and going to Ames to hang out with my old Company and Sarah. Then Monday night it’s hopefully Nikki and Beak.

Speaking of Nikki, I was supposed to be hanging out with her and taking her around. Well apparently she wants a break or something. i dunno. She called me just as we were getting into PC and was cutting out a lot. Well I’m hoping that Saturday she still wants to go out and I hope that Monday we can get out to a lot of the things that I wanted to do.

Anyways, talk to you all laters. Have a merry christmas, or whatever you celebrate or don’t.

::hugs:: everyone!

Edit:// I totally forgot, yesterday during the day I hung out with Oksana too! She was great, we went to Hickory park which is like the best place in the world to eat for cheap and REALLY yummy food! Then Shrek 2, which I totally like the first one better.

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