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Christmas Party

Well, my first christmas party of the season is over.. JonJon cooked Chicken and Nikki brought pizza and Nichole brought salad. I bought the chiken and a pie. It was all really yummy food.

It was really good to have friends over and have such a great time.

Lauren came later, and she started going through my pics. After they left, I sat and looked through them some more. I’m really really home sick now. I want to go home and be with my family and see everyone and see my house.

I just can’t wait for it. I want to go now. I miss home, and Iowa and I miss college. I miss #151, my old apartment, and I miss going home on the weekends and sleeping in my room and going hot tubbing and redlight.

I miss it all so much, I can’t wait to gethome now.

And to top it all off, Nikki and Nichole bought my luggage! So that’s really exciting and makes me really excited to get home. I can’t wait to pack it up and get going. I’ll probably be packing this weekend!

Anyways, the party was tons of fun. As I said, everyone came over and we cooked and we ate and we sat around and talked and played with the kitties and we all exchanged presents.

So much fun.

Well. Tonight I get to start studying for my next test. Jon said that he wants me to have it by Mid January. I’m going to ask if after this one I can take a break from Cisco and go for my Unix/Linux cert. I’m getting really sick of RIP-1, RIP-2, STP, EIGRP, and all the other routing protocols out there. It’s all running into one!

Laters all.

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