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Fuck WD

Today has been really long.

I got home a little early, and couldn’t sleep, so I just laid in bed. Then once I was finally asleep, the woman from the cats called me back and said that I got Martha and PussNBoots. I really wanted Q-Tip and Cotton, but they’ll do. Anyways, she wanted the Apartment complexes number. I told her I was sleeping and I’d call her back with the information later.

So I tried going back to sleep, but was really tired and couldn’t. Finally got to sleep, and then someone else called me at like 2:30 or something, and I was just like, GAH! And got up, showered and called the woman back.

Gave her the info. She then called me back like 20 minutes later saying that I had to go in and pay the deposit and stuff before I could come get the cats. So I went in to do that.

Megan wasn’t there, the girl who I had been doing almost everything through and some stupid bitch was. When I moved in I asked Megan what the Deposit for cats was, and any extra fees. She said it was a $200 deposit and $25 a month. I asked her, ‘What if I get two caats?” She didn’t know, so she asked the manager on duty and they said it was $25 a month no matter what.

So I go in today expecting that to be the case, and come to find out it’s $250 deposit and $25 a month PER CAT. Gah! I tried explaining to the woman what megan had told me and she would have nothing of it. She got the copy of the lease and sure enough there’s a small paragraph in there that explains the policy.

I thought I had read every paragraph before I signed it, but this was the ONE PAGE in the whole fucking thing that was front/back and I missed that whole back part of the fucking lease. And I know I didn’t read it, cause that’s why I specifically asked about it, because I hadn’t seen it spelled out anywhere in the lease.

Anyways, I was just pissed about being lied to by Megan and the manager. I thought this would be a great place to live and all. I had heard really good things about it from everyone that’s lived there but so far it’s just been problem after problem.

First there was no hot water, then once they got that fixed it was leaking all over hell, and it took them days to come out and fix that. Then when they did they didn’t and STILL haven’t fixed it, even though I call them almost weeekly. Then the water heater on the fourth floor blew up, and it took them days to come out and dry out my bedroom carpet, and they didn’t even do that right. And there’s a major Ant problem. (which I’ve now taken care of myself, thanks to three thngs of RAID). Gah, This whole fucking state.

Anyways. After that whole problem, I went up the Chapman and went to plug in my external HD and the status lights on the front of the case just flashed and the HD didn’t spin up. So I was like, GREAT.

I was hoping that it was just the logic board of the case that had fried, so I brought it into work and took it apart. Sure enough the logic board had that wonderful burnt smell.

So I pulled out the HD hoping it was still good, and pluggged it into a computer… Started up the computer….

And POOF! A big puff of smoke came out the bottom of it… The fucking logic board on the HD fried. In good news though, I’ve come across some things online saying that I can replace the logic board, but that means buying a whole HD, and hoping that I get the same Rev number of that model. Gah.

Though, loosing 5 years of accumulated data is really pissing me off.

This just isn’t my day…

And to top it all off, I get into work and there’s 30 e-mails which haven’t been read/dealt with. And there’s a MAJOR hardware malfunction, so I have to run healthchecks every hour this morning.

Also, Ty has some of my mail, and it’s really pissing me off that he hasn’t contact me to let me know that yet. What a fuck face. Gah, I hate him.

Well, I should get to studying now. Laters all.

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Not to seem… *insert correct word here cause I’m brain dead at the moment*, but did you remember to submit a change of address form at the post office? If Ty keeps your mail, that’s illegal… you could get him in trouble for it. As for the apartment crappyness stuff, threaten to call a lawyer about how they aren’t upholding their end of the lease. That should get them in gear.

I actually didn’t file a change of address for one reason. When you do, the post office will send a confirmation to your OLD address, showing the new address. I know that if I filled one out, Ty would have opened that confirmation, and I DO NOT under any circumstances want him to know my new address.

The only thing he has of my mail thats of any importance is my fucking 24 hour fitness membership card.

I’m really not all that concerned about it, because I can just have 24 hour send me a new one. The thing that pisses me off is that he’s such a jack ass that he can’t take 5 seconds to IM me and say.. “Hey, I have some mail for you, do you want to come get it sometime?”

I guess I’m no better because I haven’t contacted him and said, “Hey fucker… I WANT MY MAIL.”

But whatever. Like I said, it’s the principal of the thing.


Damn! What a day. You should go back to bed.

So are you going to still get the cats?

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