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More Kitties

Well. I spent the weekend looking for cats… That sums it all up.

The mainecoons were HOT HOT HOT. But sadly, very out of my price range (800-1000). However the ones that were in my price range weren’t expecting litters for a couple months.

And anyone who knows me, should know by now that once I decide I want something. I MUST have it RIGHT then and THERE.

So the expedition started. I found two REALLY cute ones, Nutmeg and Parsley, however I just found out they had both been adopted out already. Sadly. 🙁 So I’ve put in for thier mother who is 1.5 years old.


She’s cute and very nice. Though I’d prefer a male and a kitten.

So I also found these two:

Well OK, that’s only one of them, but they look the same (The male has green eyes and the female as blue) but they are Q-Tip and Cotton. So adorable. And they both really seemed to like me, but who knows. They are def my first choice now. 🙂 I won’t hear for a couple days on them though which is sad.

I also found these two cutties:

Martha Washington and PussNBoots… They were both REALLY cute two. They aren’t brother/sister but they said you still had to adopt them together.

Anyways. I really want pussy now! I can’t wait any longer for it damnit.

In non pussy news…. I had my first meeting as a System Admin on Friday. It was REALLY exciting for me. They were talking about the Deploy/Build cycle for 6.0 and how to make it more efficeint, because right now it takes a whole weekend to upgrade clients, which means the sites are down for that weekend. Which isn’t good since we have client working hours on Saturday. They also want to speed it up, cause they do dev depolys every Tuesday and Thursday to our internal sites (Which only take 3 hours because of the smaller databases, etc) but they still want it faster.

So yeah, here’s the List of tests I have to take before I can get anywhere officially:

CCNA INTRO — Taking on Dec 11th.






Cisco Firewall Specialist

Cisco VPN Specialist

Red Hat Linux System Administration and RHCT OR Sun Certified System Administrator for the Solaris Operating System

So Yeah, I have a lot of studying ahead of me… Don’t expect to see/hear much out of me, besides “TEST THIS TEST THAT! TEST TEST TEST!!!!” and lots of hair pulling.

Laters all.

2 replies on “More Kitties”

Awwww what pretty puddy cats. Adopt them all. LOL God, can you imagine the litter box? Or the food bill? I hope you can pick one or two up soon.

I know. I want them all, but then I feel like I’d be a wierd homo cat man. And that could be kinda creepy, eh?

I REALLY want Q-Tip and Cotton, they are the cutest of the bunch. And most friendly so far at least.

I also think I’m going to try teaching them how to use the toilet. We’ll see how well that works. My ex-roommate tried with his, and well they were too stupid. (I won’t specify if they refers to the cats or the owners, cause I’m not really sure)


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