So, hopefully I did all my calculations right, but accoring to my preliminary estimates, I should be getting about $4,000 back from the government this year! Woot!

I think it’s because my company is taking out taxes based on what I’d make in a full year, but since I’m not working a full year, thus making a hell of a lot less.

So this is really excciting news.. I think I’ll save the money for a trip to Europe. 🙂

Laters all.

Edit:// Just did a quick check and that is what my company is doing. They’ve taken nearly $7,000 out in taxes this year (In the last 6 months). Which is what would normally be taken out in a full year or employment!

One thought on “Taxes!!”

  1. Yeah, it’s good now. But just wait until next year.

    Nobody can top you like your “Uncle Sam”!!

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