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Line 5.. Please Hold!


All you voters out there, get the hell out and vote… The Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 Currrently has Kerry at 236 and Bush at 281. There’s apparently a 3.25% chance that there could be an electoral Tie (Typically it’s like 1% or something?). Which would mean the house/senate pick the pres/VP…. Which means we could have a repub pres and dem VP. That would be interesting.

Anyways Iowa keeps swining between Bush/Kerry as do many of the other swing stats. I’m a bit annoyed that I haven’t yet received my absentee ballot yet. I don’t know if I’ll get it on time or not.

Ty gave me a bill for the utilities the other day. HE Divided it be 2… I divided it by 3 and that’s what he’s getting the check for. $88.

I went and bought a Ban Republic coat the other day. It’s really hot… And I mean hot as in warm and hot as in HOT! Rarr… And it’s way soft. I love it….

Beenworking out too. That’s going good. I can already feel the burn. I’ve also noticed that I’ve beenmuch more hungry lately then I used to be. I dunno if that’s a sign of things happening or what. Yesterday/Today I took in about 1,400 calories. Hopefuly I’ll be sheding the pounds and gaining the muscle like mad here soon.

This morning was dead… I started playing EarthBound again. I want to finish that game. I never did get around to it when I was playing at Krell. I also started and finished Super Mario this morning. For those of you into Earthbound I just got to Mondo Mole (2nd Sanctuary Location).

About 6:00 this morning we had all 5 lines lighted up on the HD phone. It was mad. And it wasn’t even like a site was down or anything, everyone had different questions.

Today should be good hopefully. I dunno what all is going on with the whole ahlloween thing. But I hear parties or the like.

I’m going to go look at some apartments this weekend.

I love the new color/layout/title. It’s fucking hot! Off to have sex with my website now.

Laters all.

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I’ve seen people have sex ON a website before but NEVER have I seen anybody have sex WITH a web

site. Perhaps I am just not techno savvy.Is this the “hot new thing”?

lol. Yes it is the hot new thing!

And I mean, who wouldn’t have sex with my website. It’s HOT as hell!

Same with my mac… I dunno which to have sex with first.

My mac, ipod or my website… So much sex, so little time! When do I fit in all the boys!!!

Yes, I’m aware of the mozilla issue… I’m not quite sure why it does that. It fuckes up with the comment around the PHP. And the CSS isn’t working right for some reason. I understand it doesn’t work right on IE either.

Unlike most sites on the internet, this site was designed for the Mac with Opera/Safari.. 😛 So get a mac and it’ll be hot like it should be!

But yes, I am working on the problems. !

Better call your local election board NOW and complain. Most absentee ballots have to be in now to be valid. Locally, Saturday is the last day.

Eh, there’s no point in calling now. In Iowa you have to have them postmarked by the 1st to count. And since I’m currently in California. It’ll take 5 days for them to even reach me. So my vote won’t count no matter what. Hopefully it’ll arrive today and I can send it in tomorrow morning.

But I am going to call and complain just cause I like to complain about things like this. It should have been sent out forever ago.

And by “all of you into Earthbound” you mean me, you, and maybe 3 other people in the whole world.

I love Earthbound!

Hmm that’s crazy. Most people have never heard of it.

Must find more Earthbound freaks!

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