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Due Date

So, yesterday was the due date…. I assume by the lack of phone calls that nothing happened.

Hopefully today! 🙂

I can’t wait to spoil the little brat! It’s going to be so fun. I’m going to be the rich gay uncle whos always moving somewhere new and fun and exciting! I hope it’s a homo!! 🙂

Beak and Boy went to the fair this weekend, reading about it makes me miss it so much! I wanna go…. And be blargy! Blarg blarg!

This weekend was good.

Minus the situtaion I was put in Saturday night with lots of people smoking pot.

I didn’t approve in the least.

Andrew and I have been talking. I want to come to a conclusion soon.

I have to.

Laters all.

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Spawn has not made an appearance yet. Maybe soon? We ate our way across the fair again this year-deep fried pickles-mmmmm-weird but good. Bush/Cheney and Kerry/Edwards stands were right across from each other-I told Leper boy after we got our Kerry/Edwards buttons we should have gone over to the Bush/Cheney stand and asked if we could register to vote. Heehee.

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