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First Night Back

So, Andrew got back last night.

Lots of crying, it was bad times.

I feel like I’m hurting everyone lately.

I hurt JonJon cause he wants something that he can’t have.

I hurt Andrew because I don’t feel ready to start back up on our relationship.

I just feel like shit now.

I was really hoping that once I saw him come down those stairs that everything would come back… That I would be so happy to see him.

I was hoping it’d be like every other time that I saw him after being a part for so long.

But instead, I was just hurt more.

I think I want some space right now. Just friends for a while.

I feel like I need to get to know him again… It’s been so long. I feel like I don’t know him.

I hate it. I hate this situation.

Laters all.

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