Well this weekend sure has had it’s share of ups and downs…. Thankfully it ended on a really good up.

It all started Friday night. My flight was delayed and my mom wasn’t going to pick Andrew up tell after she picked me up from the airport. When I called and told him that she wasn’t going to pick him up before he sounded very annoyed, and in turn that annoyed me. Then every time I called him to tell him that our flight was delayed some more, he seemed even more annoyed. Which, again in turn annoyed me more.

Well, before I get to much farther. I suppose I should bitch about how horrible the flights were. I got off work and drove up to LAX, which was amazingly easy. There wasn’t hardly any traffic. So that was good. Anyways, the first flight was alright, besides the stupid people on it. I don’t remember exactly what they did or who they were, but I know there was someone annoying on that flight sitting next to me. Grrr. And plus Delta’s leg room sucks ass! It’s so tiny.

Then I ended up spending like 2.5 hours in Cincinati (sp) which was hellish. Then our flight was delayed boarding because the plane wasn’t there yet. (How this could be, I don’t know because it was coming from a garage). Then we boarded and started to pull away from the gate… Then stopped.. And pulled back in and sat there for an hour. VERY annoying. And the worst part was that it was a brand new aircraft, just delivered the day before. So yeah, that really sucked. And the whole time there was this STUPID child infront of me bouncing back and forth in his seat so I couldn’t sleep.

Anyways, finally got into DM and went and picked up Andrew. Then drove back to my house. Thankfully the night ended VERY well, and we ended up going to bed about 1:30 or so.

Got up the next morning about 7:00 and I made him breakfast then took him to work. Drove back to PC where Sheila and Dwaine picked me up and we went to the Machine Shed. The food there was so good and the protions were HUGE!! After that Beak and Neil and I went to the half price book store where I bought a personal finance book. Since I’m now raking in the money I should know what to do with it don’t you think?

After that they took me back to PC where I got ready to go pick Andrew up from work. Got there and him Court and this other guy went to Culvers. I had an oreo shake, which I really didn’t think was that great. After that Andrew and I went to Old Navy and got my paycheck then we went off and did other things.

I think we went to Saylorville then went back to my house. After that we went and saw Super-Sized which was a realy good movie. From there we went Downtown….

Which is where the down starts. On the way down there Andrew said something about me buying him a drink. Which really annoyed me, I know that it shouldn’t have but it did. I mean I had spent $400 on a ticket to come see him, plus I was paying for parking at the airport, $24, plus I had paid for the movie, $14, and I was going to pay for Redlight, $20. All while he had only paid for my shake at Culbers ($3). It really annoyed me that he asked me to pay for it, then when we got there I asked him to buy me a drink and he refused which just annoyed me any more. Lets just say that we didn’t speak for the rest of the night, or again tell about 8:30 Sunday morning.

It was really stupid, but it’s just been a culmination of 2 weeks of fighting. And it’s really hurt me and I’m sure him. But I guess you could say that was really the straw that broke the camels back. I hated sitting there all night not talking to him. And I kept trying to talk to him, but all that could come out of either of our mouths was very annoyed, short responces.

What hurt the most though was going to bed, sleeping there with our backs to each other, just saying “Good night” and not kissing good night or saying I love you or anything. It was just “Good night”.

Then this morning there was more fighting and after a long discussion Andrew suggested that we “Take a break” from our relationship… I’ll spare everyone the details right now because I don’t want to break down crying here in my office. But lets just say that there was lots of crying and talking about it.

We eventually decided that we just need to be strong and work through it, it’s hard to know how your relationship is going when you are so far apart. We agreed to have a good rest of the day, because by this time it was like 11:50 and we were supposed to be in Waukee at noon.

And in fact we did have a GREAT rest of the day. We went over to Courts fams house and ate lunch then went to the parade where it was ungodly hot, but still tons of fun.

After the parade I left, and Andrew and I had to say a quick goodbye because of all the straights around. I really wish that we could have had a more private/longer goodbye this time. Last time we had to do a quick one too and I hated it. Same with this time. 🙁

Well I left there and went back home, hoping to be able to eat something before leaving again, but the turkey wasn’t done so we just left. Thankfully my dad drove the truck so it wasn’t ungodly slow like it was Friday night when my mother drove. I guess they are going to come out here sometime this summer to see whats going on and stuff. I have no idea what they’ll do or anything, but I guess it’s cool. It’ll be a good vacation for them.

Well anyways, I got to the airport about 4:25 and was checked in and through secirity by 4:30. lol. There wasn’t a line anywhere! So I sat there for the hour before we boarded just doing nothing and watching the planes. The place was DEAD! But there was a fire drill while I was there, that was crazy!

The first flight wasn’t that bad. I had the whole row to myself. 2 isle 2. It was really nice. I read my San Diego mag the whole flight. It had a list of top 101 things to do in San Diego and I want to do them all! I have a feeling there will be lots of road trips to SD in the coming years.

I also found a special for the theater down there, for $110 you can get into 6 shows. And they have things like Mamma Mia, Rent, Stomp, and tons of other really good things that I want to see playing. Of course the $110 is like the worst seats in the house, but row A was only $300. So I’m sure something in the middle is very reasonable. We’ll see. I’m going to call or go online to see if there’s any deals like that up here though, because I’d hate to have to drive to SD everytime I want to go to a show.

The second flight was on a giant 767, we were 30 minutes late getting out, but only 10 minutes late getting in. So I was 10 minutes late to work, which wasn’t too bad. I would have been ontime, but the guy at the Parking check out couldn’t find Iowa on his map. lol. Not like it matters if I was on time or not, There’s only been one phone call all night and I took care of it in like 5 minutes. So that’s good. 🙂

Well, laters all.

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  1. I’d like to just added that one thing that I was really annoyed about this weekend was that we A) didn’t get to do much outside, B) Didn’t get to go to redlight like I wanted to, and C) I had a goal of taking at least 20 pictures of us together this weekend… Not a single picture was taken cause I kept forgetting my camera. 🙁

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