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Drywall and Moving!

So this weekend has been HORRIBLY long!

Friday night I went and picked up my Schedule. I work Monday 6-9:30. Tuesday on Call 5:30-9:00 and then Thursday 6-9. Not too bad I guess. I also bought some shorts and this REALLY cute polo and some Pattys day boxers which were $1.97! Yay for WAY CHEAP boxers.

After that I went home and spent the night reading a PILE of magazines which have been stacking up for the last two months. Thank god I fianlly have time to read them all. I’ve finally got to the new Adbusters too, which I’ve had since like early Feb. It’s not the best one this issue, but the history in it is really interesting. The US has sent troops to Latin america SO FUCKING much. I’m surprised Bin Laden isn’t based from there. lol.

Anyways, Saturday I got up early and went up to Shiela’s and fixed her computer. I hope it’s still working good. Left there about noon and came home. We started hanging drywall about 1:30 or so and did that tell 5:30. Drywall, ON THE CIELING! they were 12×4 sheets and they were fucking HEAVY! My back is killing me.

Went to bed early that night and then was up early this morning again. I sat around the house being in pain and then went over to Beak’s to meet her to help moved. We loaded up my car and then drove over to her new place, which is REALLY nice. Did that all day, and got free food.

After that I came back here and crashed. I’m dead tired. I still have to shower and shave. I’ve been getting more shit packed away and sorting more stuff out.

I’ve also been contemplating if I should do the whole picutre thing next weekend… You know, like yeah.

I also forgot to mention that Friday we had the Annual Krell graduation party… I got this really cute piggy bank and $45. I also took my bike in to get fixed, $60 right there. 🙁 I’ve been racking in the money though lately, so It’s not too bad. I’ve also been thinking about getting somehting like hydroxycut or something. Bryce says it actually works. We’ll see. I’m going to the gym tomorrow at 7, work at 8:30 and then work again at 6:30. My life is going to be hellish this summer.

Good thing Andrew will be here to help with things!

Well laters all.

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Both Beak & I greatly appreciate your help moving all of our crap on Sunday. Without you, it would have taken *much* longer and I’d be in a whole lot more pain. Thanks!

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