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Wow, so this last week with Andrew has been absolutely amazing….

First off, just spending so much quality time with him was great. I can’t wait to move there and we’ll get to spend time like that all the time. Much less then this week, cause he’ll be doing school and I’ll be doing work. But still lots of great time I’m sure. All the time at the art places, and driving and sleeping with him, and spending nights together watching all those hilarious shows…. I’m just so excited about it all.

Well, early in the week Andrew said that he wanted me to make love to him…. Which really caught me off gaurd. It made me feel so good, and so happy inside. I felt so special and I was so glad that he felt so connected to me that he wanted to do that with me. It really did make me feel so great.

But I told him no that first time, I felt like I wasn’t ready. I mean, he’s always said that he wanted it to be once he’s found someone to live with the rest of his life and everything, and I felt like he was really jumping the gun. Like maybe I had pressured him into it by always joking about it, about wanting it.

I really wanted to make love to him though, but I told him no that I wanted him to make sure he was really ready for it, and for me to make sure that I was really ready for it.

The week went by and we had a really great time with everything that we did… I had so much fun……

And then Friday night came, we got back from the party early and I wanted to just lay with him this one last night and hug and kiss and watch elimidate and 5th wheel and just have a good time, like we had been doing all week…. Little did I know the last night togehter would turn out to be such a wonderful night.

We laid down for a while, and then kisses and talking and watching tv shows. Then he said it..”I want you to make love to me.”

Hearing it a second time really drove it home, it wasn’t just a dream that he said it the first time, I wasn’t hearing things. He really said it, and to say it a second time, he really meant it.

We laid there and talked about it for a couple minutes… Me asking questions, “Are you sure you’re ready.” and stuff like that. He always said that he was, no hesitation, no nothing, it seemed as though he really meant it, and really wanted to do it.

I was so touched. There really aren’t words to describe how I felt, and how much it meant to me. There really aren’t.

So I ran out to the car, cause I had already packed the condoms and stuff. Came back and we kissed some more and then got ready…

And I made love to my Andrew, and it was one of the most special things.

Afterwards I showered and then we went to bed… I slept very well that night, my last night holding my drew bear. It was so great.

Saturday morning we got up and talked about it very shortly. We said goodbye and I left.

It was so sad, I didn’t want to leave, because this week was the best week, there were so many great things that happened, and I’m so glad that it ended the way that it did.

I’m the luckiest boy to have such a great boyfriend, and to be so deeply in love with him. I can’t wait tell we’re actually living in the same state, we’ll only get closer.

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