Home… Where I Don’t Want To Be.

Well here I am back at home.

The week was really great, as Andrew pointed out. You all can go read about it on his journal.

The jobs are looking good, though I won’t hear from either of them tell later. The one I really want, I want even more now.

Like every project that the guy talked about was something that I’ve been really wanting to do and work on. It’s so exciting, they are even moving to Linux desktops! Woot!

I can’t wait to hear back from him, though he’s in Europe and then all over the world tell mid-may, so I won’t hear anything from him tell then.

Lots of other randoms stuff happened, Andrew and I had a really good time, I miss him so much already, I can’t wait tell I get to move there and then not have to leave anymore. It’ll be so great!

Went with Byron to look at places one day, that was fun. We found a lot of nice places to live and hopefully everything will work out so that we can alll live together. Though we’ll have to see.

Well, I really don’t want to type to much today.

I spelt in and didn’t go to work. lol

Laters all.


I drove through 10 states this past week, and added two new ones to my visited states list…
Utah and Nedava
Neither of which I’d wish to visit again.

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