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This Is Getting OLD!

(10:22:24) SqUaLL0112: you CAN IM me first you know
(10:23:35) pischkoa: Sorry, but I’m not always here watching for when you get here.
(10:23:48) SqUaLL0112: you could leave me a message
(10:23:55) pischkoa: I did leave you a message last night
(10:23:58) SqUaLL0112: like ou did everyday last semester
(10:24:00) pischkoa: And you didn’t respond to it.
(10:24:00) SqUaLL0112: what did it say?
(10:24:05) pischkoa: Have a good night
(10:24:19) SqUaLL0112: i d ont think i saw it
(10:24:24) pischkoa: Well I left one.
(10:24:28) SqUaLL0112: when i came home my comp was off cause theplug fell out and i didnt know it
(10:24:32) SqUaLL0112: well it still wasnt this morning
(10:24:32) pischkoa: Oh
(10:24:40) pischkoa: Well I’ll try harder
(10:24:45) SqUaLL0112: thanks honey
(10:24:47) SqUaLL0112: whats up?
(10:24:54) pischkoa: You know that job I applied to at CKE, and the guy put me on hold for like 10 minutes
(10:25:22) SqUaLL0112: yeah
(10:25:34) pischkoa: Well the SAME job is up for the THIRD time on
(10:25:43) pischkoa: Why the hell doesn’t he just HIRE ME!
(10:26:05) pischkoa: You think I should apply again?
(10:26:08) SqUaLL0112: yeah wy not
(10:26:12) SqUaLL0112: and call again
(10:26:13) SqUaLL0112: and bitch
(10:26:15) pischkoa: lol
(10:26:36) pischkoa: So what’s up with you?
(10:26:37) SqUaLL0112: other guy call back yet?
(10:26:40) pischkoa: Nope
(10:26:44) SqUaLL0112: nothing honey i just woke up
(10:26:54) pischkoa: Yeah, well you did stuff LAST night after we talked.
(10:27:09) SqUaLL0112: well whas up with you indicated whats up right now
(10:27:13) SqUaLL0112: you didnt ask me what i did last night
(10:27:22) pischkoa: Well don’t be picky about wording.
(10:27:32) pischkoa: You know what I mean
(10:27:44) SqUaLL0112: well you KNOW im picky about wording
(10:27:46) SqUaLL0112: i alwyas have been
(10:27:48) SqUaLL0112: anyways
(10:27:54) SqUaLL0112: i went midnight bowling
(10:28:01) pischkoa: Oh you did? Was everyone drunk?
(10:28:07) pischkoa: Did you ahve fun?
(10:29:11) SqUaLL0112: yes i did
(10:29:14) SqUaLL0112: i bowled wth my old ra
(10:29:24) SqUaLL0112: it was only 2 bucks
(10:29:42) pischkoa: Oh, well that’s fun. I like how you avioded the first question.
(10:30:00) SqUaLL0112: i didnt avoi dit
(10:30:05) SqUaLL0112: a few people were drunk not everyone
(10:30:11) SqUaLL0112: why? did you think i was drinking??
(10:30:27) pischkoa: No, I ASKED because you said the people you were going with we’re going to have some fun before going.
(10:30:50) SqUaLL0112: well they did.. its nat and lisa, i didnt expect anything different
(10:31:08) pischkoa: Alright
(10:31:16) SqUaLL0112: alright?
(10:31:35) pischkoa: You’re being a little snappy this morning.
(10:31:36) SqUaLL0112: hows work?
(10:31:44) SqUaLL0112: of course i am
(10:31:52) pischkoa: What’s that mean?
(10:31:59) pischkoa: Did I do something wrong?
(10:32:02) SqUaLL0112: no
(10:32:16) SqUaLL0112: it menas you ALWAYS think im snapping/beingmean/being rude/being whatever
(10:32:21) SqUaLL0112: brb bathroom
(10:32:24) pischkoa: I do not
(10:38:43) SqUaLL0112: what have i said that was snappy?
(10:39:15) pischkoa: (10:26:44) SqUaLL0112: nothing honey i just woke up(10:26:54) pischkoa: Yeah, well you did stuff LAST night after we talked.(10:27:09) SqUaLL0112: well whas up with you indicated whats up right now(10:27:13) SqUaLL0112: you didnt ask me what i did last night
(10:39:25) pischkoa: (10:27:44) SqUaLL0112: well you KNOW im picky about wording(10:27:46) SqUaLL0112: i alwyas have been(10:27:48) SqUaLL0112: anyways(10:27:54) SqUaLL0112: i went midnight bowling
(10:39:37) pischkoa: (10:30:50) SqUaLL0112: well they did.. its nat and lisa, i didnt expect anything different
(10:39:59) pischkoa: 10:22:24) SqUaLL0112: you CAN IM me first you know
(10:40:10) pischkoa: Good morning to you too.
(10:40:19) SqUaLL0112: just stop it
(10:40:26) pischkoa: I’m not doing anything!
(10:40:37) SqUaLL0112: the majority of those things i was just saying, i wasnt ‘snapping’ i was just telling you
(10:40:43) SqUaLL0112: and the IM me first comment was a joke
(10:40:49) SqUaLL0112: which i indicated with the stupid face thing
(10:40:57) SqUaLL0112: you know im starting to think we should never talk online b/c this is always what happens
(10:41:07) pischkoa: It is not what always happens.
(10:41:24) SqUaLL0112: well you completely took everything is aid in the wrong way this morning
(10:41:35) pischkoa: And you take everything I say in the wrong way too.
(10:41:45) SqUaLL0112: i didnt say it wasnt both our faults
(10:41:57) pischkoa: well you completely took everything is aid in the wrong way this morning
(10:42:04) pischkoa: That didn’t leave much room for it to be your fualt.
(10:42:05) SqUaLL0112: how?
(10:42:14) SqUaLL0112: oh nevermind i see waht youare saying
(10:42:31) pischkoa: Is that sarcasm or truthful?
(10:43:35) SqUaLL0112: i didnt get at first what you meant
(10:43:45) SqUaLL0112: i thought you were saying that i took everything the wrong way this morning and thats why i said how
(10:44:07) pischkoa: Anyways, this is stupid.
(10:44:37) SqUaLL0112: i agree
(10:44:39) pischkoa: But I never indicated that I thought you were drinking, and I think it’s obvious that when I ask you “What’s up” when you first get out of bed, it’s indicating that you should explain what you did last night.
(10:45:07) SqUaLL0112: but why not just say ‘what did you do last night’
(10:45:15) SqUaLL0112: whats up means just that, whats up now
(10:45:39) pischkoa: Does it really matter?!?!
(10:45:57) SqUaLL0112: it matters b/c if you ask me wahts up im going to respond differently than if you say what did you do last night!!!
(10:46:02) SqUaLL0112: thats the only point im trying to make
(10:46:28) pischkoa: And the point I’m making is it doesn’t matter!
(10:46:48) SqUaLL0112: ok but when you say whats up how am i supposed to know that means tell me about your night
(10:47:03) pischkoa: because you JUST GOT OUT OF BED!
(10:47:22) SqUaLL0112: EXACTLY
(10:47:29) pischkoa: nevermind.
(10:47:37) SqUaLL0112: thats why i said all of this
(10:47:46) pischkoa: I’ll just fucking treat you like a senator and state everything in 10000 words when it’ll just take 1
(10:48:04) SqUaLL0112: why are you gettign so defensive?
(10:48:21) pischkoa: I’m not getting defensive, I’m just sick of this.
(10:48:26) pischkoa: This is stupid.
(10:48:34) pischkoa: And I just want to have a good converstaion with you for once
(10:48:41) SqUaLL0112: you already stated that and i agreed and then you didnt drop it
(10:48:53) pischkoa: Fine, I’m dropping it.
(10:48:55) pischkoa: move on
(10:49:09) SqUaLL0112: ok
(10:49:26) SqUaLL0112: well im off to class, im glad we got a chance to talk this morning
(10:49:32) pischkoa: Stop it!
(10:49:39) SqUaLL0112: im being serious
(10:49:54) pischkoa: Alright, well have fun in class.
(10:49:57) pischkoa: I’ll talk to you later
(10:50:23) SqUaLL0112: im very frustrated right now just FYI
(10:50:28) pischkoa: WHY?
(10:50:35) SqUaLL0112: b/c i just am, this whole thing
(10:50:40) pischkoa: And I’m not?!
(10:50:44) SqUaLL0112: i never said that
(10:51:22) SqUaLL0112: everything i said this morning was in jest and you completely blew it up and said i was bieng snappy
(10:51:37) pischkoa: I didn’t blow ANYTHING up
(10:51:37) SqUaLL0112: but i dont have time, i have to go to class
(10:51:46) SqUaLL0112: well i guess we can debate it later
(10:51:52) pischkoa: fine
(10:51:58) pischkoa: Have fun in class.
(10:52:02) SqUaLL0112: dont ‘fine’ me
(10:52:05) SqUaLL0112: you have fun at work
(10:52:13) pischkoa: I’m going to have a GREAT time at work now.
(10:52:20) SqUaLL0112: stop being so sarcastice
(10:52:24) pischkoa: You!
(10:52:29) SqUaLL0112: im NOT
(10:52:39) SqUaLL0112: im going to be later
(10:52:41) SqUaLL0112: we can fight later
(10:52:46) SqUaLL0112: have a good day, goodbye
(10:52:53) pischkoa: goodbye to you


I’m getting really sick of being made out to be the bad guy in EVERYTHING here. If he wasn’t being snappy this morning then I don’t know what the hell being snappy is. Getting on me because I asked him “What’s up” which I do EVERY FUCKING MORNING and then saying that he’s always been picky about wording. Excuse me?

And saying, “You CAN im me first.” Well excuse me, but you could also leave me messages when I’m not here, like over night and the like…. Oh because I never do that for you ever.

And then saying, “Why did you think I was drunk” that really indicates to me that he WAS drunk, and is hiding it from me. And the only reason that I asked if people were drunk was last night he bitched about how the people he was going with were going to get drunk before going. So obviosuly the question to ask was, “Were people drunk.” referring to when he BITCHED last night about people getting drunk there.

I’m really begining to wonder if he’s doing that thing again where he TRYS to get mad at me, so that he won’t feel bad about breaking up with me. IS that what’s going on? Cause if it is, then we need to talk and just end it now. If not, then we need to talk and find out why, ever since I got back from the trip, every time we’ve talked has been a fight.

Because this is getting really old and I don’t know how long I can go on with it.

I’ll be in my office tell 6 tonight (except for 12-1 when I have class). You can call me here.

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