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Going to DIE!

So I’m VERY annoyed right now.

Nazanin’s being a stupid HOE! And made me move my desk back to the way that it used to be, which annoys the hell out of me. Plus she’s informed us that she will be hiring EVEN more people to come in and work here, and plus she’s going to be a stupid whore faced bitch! So yeah. She’s stupid and I hate her!

Anyways, the last couple days have been fairly good. Last night Andrew and I got into it about something completely stupid. I was asking questions just for my own knowledge and then he was putting words into my mouth from a previous convo, and he seemed to get annoyed at me, and I got annoyed at him, and it was just bad. But hopefully everything is good now, we haven’t yet talked today.

I also got another interview for the week that I’m out in Cali. I applied for this job that was a Cobol Programmer and they replied back with this:
You are welcome to come for an interview when you are in So Cal. Your skill
set is not exactly what I was advertising for, but I have been considering
adding a full-time sysadmin to my small staff to relieve me and others of
such responsibilities. And, since all my relatives are from Iowa & some
graduated from ISU, I feel a duty to welcome refugees from the land of corn
& hogs to sunny So. Cal.!

So yeah, that’s good times!

had two tests the last two days. Test in Human Sex was MUCH harder then I thought it would be. So I don’t think I did as wonderfuly as I had hoped. The test in my History class went exceptionally well though. So that’s good. I think I did very good on it.

Umm, also that crazy Jayson guy came over last night and we hung out for like 10 mintues. I think we’re going tohang out Friday too. But who knows.

Today is pratically shorts weather! It’s very exciting.

Anyways, laters all.

I’m off to kill!

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Had a thought…is the version of iLife available as an updated from apple…or is it the one you have to buy?

Because if it’s the latter…I feel your pain. I want panther, but am not about to dole out the bucks. *poke poke* You should pull some strings! haha

Yes, you do have to pay for iLife, it’s like $40 or something.

It was only $19 for people with new macs. Bastards.

All I really want is iPhoto! I don’t care about the other stuff.


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