My Day In An IM!

(18:25:51) Me: Umm, i didn’t sleep worth shit, like I was up all night just tossing and turning and shit. It was horrible. Got up, went to work. Broke the postage machine… Which we found out was just a water problem… Who knew they needed water.
(18:26:18) Andrew: why didnt you sleep?
(18:26:21) Me: Mailed out those 55 cold letters, worked worked worked. I wrote this cute little script that counted when things happened. It was cute.
(18:26:27) Me: I dunnu, I just didn’t sleep.
(18:26:45) Andrew: im sorry babums
(18:26:49) Andrew: if only i was there to sleep with you!
(18:26:50) Me: Left there, went to class. WE had some woman come in and talk about safe sex and the like.
(18:26:56) Me: Then it would have been better!
(18:27:15) Me: The woman wanted a volunteer and some guy came up and she made him put on a condom…
(18:27:18) Andrew: yeah there was a sorority giving out free condoms and le today
(18:27:21) Andrew: *lube
(18:27:22) Andrew: lol
(18:27:26) Andrew: on like a wooden penis
(18:27:28) Andrew: ?
(18:27:29) Me: Not on him, but on a dildo.
(18:27:36) Me: Yeah, I’m typing slow, sorry.
(18:27:54) Andrew: lol a dildo???
(18:27:54) Me: But when he went to do it, he just instinctivly held it down there, and it was really funny.
(18:27:57) Andrew: thats crazyness
(18:27:57) Me: Yeah.
(18:28:00) Me: It was hiliarious.
(18:28:09) Andrew: sounds like it!
(18:28:29) Me: And Julian answered a questions right and he got a safe sex pack. Which we’d both already seen cause they’re the same ones that the GLRC hands out.
(18:28:53) Me: And then the woman asked who had seen a female condom and only me, julian and a few other randoms raised their hands… It was really funny.
(18:29:18) Andrew: lol
(18:29:25) Me: I tell you , we know EVERYTHING!
(18:29:25) Andrew: how could you not know what that is??
(18:29:30) Andrew: you are so smart at sex honey
(18:29:39) Me: Well, people apparently don’t know you should use one for oral sex.
(18:30:00) Me: The one Julian got today was bannana, and I wanted to try it, but he wouldn’t let me. 🙁
(18:30:27) Me: Anyways, it was a laugh riot today in that class.
(18:30:36) Me: I wish you were here taking it, cause it’d be like 100 times more fun!
(18:30:38) Me: 😛
(18:30:49) Andrew: sorry dear!
(18:30:55) Andrew: he wouldnt let you try it? you wanted to lick it?
(18:31:13) Me: Yeah, to see if it tasted like banana… Cause the strawberry one didn’t taste like strawberry.
(18:32:05) Me: Anyways… After that class I went to crazy other class and we just talked about computers the whole time. it was so funny watching non-tech people try and talk about technical things. Like the professor kept pronouncing GUI wrong, and EVERYONE pronounced Linux wrong. It was very frustrating.
(18:32:11) Andrew: did it taste better or worse than actual penis?
(18:32:21) Me: I would say worse.
(18:32:25) Andrew: lol
(18:32:32) Andrew: is it that hard to say linux?
(18:32:47) Me: And it REALLY doesn’t give much pleasure… Like the latex is so thick that you can’t feel the tounge through it.
(18:32:50) Me: Apparently it is.
(18:33:07) Me: OH! I also had another phone interview this morning.
(18:33:30) Me: But it was with someone here in DM. They called me randomly and were like. We saw your resume online and thought you’d be a perfect fit for this job we have.
(18:33:33) Me: And I was like, alright.
(18:33:37) Andrew: have you actually used one before?
(18:33:40) Andrew: was it a good one?
(18:33:41) Me: xYes.
(18:34:27) Andrew: to question 1 or 2?
(18:34:29) Me: So I did the interview and then told them that I wanted to move to Cali, but that if I got a good offer I’d stay, and they were like that’s cool… But we also have offices in Irvine, and such. So they’re going to get back to me. Cause she said that they might have something open out there that’s the same.
(18:34:32) Me: Yes to both.
(18:35:00) Andrew: did she say when theyd get back?
(18:35:04) Andrew: what job was it? how much money?
(18:35:08) Me: No, just that they’d get back.
(18:35:11) Me: She didn’t say how much.
(18:35:21) Me: And it was pretty much the same as what I do at Krell.
(18:35:54) Andrew: so are you gonna call them?
(18:35:57) Andrew: in a bit
(18:36:03) Me: Yeah, if they don’t get back to me I will.
(18:36:16) Me: I looked up the office in Irvine, and I’ll probably just cold send them a resume.
(18:36:46) Andrew: well thats cool
(18:36:54) Me: Yeah.
(18:37:08) Me: And then after MGMT I had my international class.
(18:37:15) Me: And we learned the salsa… it was VERY confusing!
(18:37:39) Me: And they kept making us switch partners, and there’s this one REALLY creepy guy in class, and the girls were just really scared of him.
(18:37:50) Me: And you could just tell that they were WAY unhappy about dancing with him.
(18:37:52) Me: It was funny.
(18:38:22) Andrew: lol
(18:38:27) Andrew: did you have fun dancing?
(18:38:30) Me: And this one girl somehow kept getting stuck with him and one time she just walked up to someone else and said, “You’re out” and made her go dance with creepy.
(18:38:36) Me: Not really. it was VERy confusing.
(18:38:53) Me: I don’t have the motor skills to move my legs and arms to the beat at the same time like they were making us do.
(18:39:04) Me: I just sent you a really funny pic.
(18:39:38) Andrew: oh thats mean
(18:39:39) Andrew: poor guy
(18:39:47) Me: He’s REALLY creepy though.
(18:39:49) Me: You should see him.
(18:39:57) Andrew: but still thats mean
(18:40:01) Me: And he was wearing this REALLY dirty shirt today, and he’s got haid that goes down to his ass.
(18:40:09) Me: I REALLY hope that I don’t get a room with him!
(18:40:17) Me: I’ll be like, screw this. I’m sleeping in the streets!
(18:40:24) Andrew: grossness
(18:40:34) Andrew: is that pic form hotornot?
(18:40:49) Me: And today he was asking REALLY stupid questions about if they’d have problems with how long his hair was.
(18:40:50) Me: Yeah.
(18:41:13) Me: And the profs were like, “No.” And I just wanted to scream… “BUT WE ALL DO” cause he’s got dandruff and it’s just gross.
(18:41:44) Andrew: grossness
(18:41:51) Andrew: he was asking if the mexican people would have problems w/ his hair?
(18:41:56) Me: It is, it’s REALLY gross.
(18:41:58) Me: Yeah.
(18:42:51) Andrew: why would they?
(18:43:02) Me: I have no clue… He’s asked some REALLY stupid questions.
(18:43:32) Andrew: he seems stupid
(18:43:40) Me: I think he is.
(18:44:01) Me: But him and Dr Mary Winter are going to DIE down there. Because they both get on my nerves SOOOO MUCH!
(18:44:09) Me: I have a feeling I’ll be popping advil alot.
(18:44:11) Andrew: whos dr mary winter?
(18:44:17) Me: She’s one of the three profs.
(18:44:52) Me: She practically LIVES in mexico, so she’s always like, “I’m queen of the world, I know EVERYTHING, and I should correct you with the most mean and sarcastic tone I can find”
(18:45:20) Andrew: lol
(18:45:23) Andrew: sounds like my kind of girl
(18:45:24) Andrew: just kidding..
(18:45:34) Me: lol. She’s a whoorid old bitch.
(18:45:47) Me: And she’s REALLy old and walks with a cane, so I have a feeling she’s going to REALLY slow the group down.
(18:46:01) Andrew: im sure itll be fine honey
(18:46:12) Me: I don’t think so.
(18:46:35) Me: But if you get a call saying that I’m in prision for Murder, can you say that I always talked of how much I LOVE those too???
(18:46:36) Me: lol
(18:47:19) Andrew: lol i sure will
(18:47:23) Andrew: anything to save that booty
(18:47:25) Me: lol
(18:47:33) Me: OH!
(18:47:38) Me: That’s the other things I wanted to tell you.
(18:47:42) Andrew: what??
(18:48:28) Me: Today while we were dancing I was joking around with the girls, and being like, “I’m usually drunk when I dance” and stuff like that, and like 2 or 3 of them were like… Well you better learn to dance so when you see a hot girl down there you can be like, “Hey, wanna dance.”
(18:48:36) Me: And I wanted to be like… “More like when I see a hot BOY”
(18:48:38) Me: But I didn’t. 🙁

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