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So today I had an appointment with the travel nurse here at ISU. I had to go in and get info about my trip to Merida. I ended up having to get Hep A&B, Typhoid, Flu, and a couple others as well. It was very scary… Thankfully the Flu is nasal and the Typhoid was a pill. So that’s good. I’ve got to go back a week before I leave and get the second dose of them all though.

Umm, not much else happened today. I do have a long private update to write about some things.

Simpsons and Gilmore was really good tonight. The Simpsons was a halloween one I hadn’t ever seen. Homer got sucked into a different dimension, and the ad signs came alive. Gilmore had lots of drama, and the hot boy was back, so that was exciting. Watching both those shows really made me miss Andrew though. And after the talk we had today, I’m very upset, I don’t know what’s happening. That’s all saved for the private update, which I’m off to write now.

OH, I also finished my 1600 word paper on that book I didn’t really read. Good times.

Laters all.

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