Well, the last couple days have been fairly exciting. Monday night I had a great time with everyone at Chili’s that was good times. Though Andrew stole and blarged down all of Courtney’s desert… Blargy pants!

After that we came home and on the way Dustin called, we set up times to hang out this weekend, so that will be excitingness.

Tuesday I came to work and did a lot of random stuff. Talked to the new guy for a long time, and got him rolling on things. This was the first time I’d had a chance to sit down with him and just get him caught up on what’s going on. I was a bit annoyed with the timing though because it was right in the middle of the MacExpo, so I missed all the new shit. Though I did catch the release of the new iPod mini. Good times. (See previous post)

I’ve also now applied to 37 jobs.

After work I went home to the Drew Bear. We changed and then went a bought books. I was a bit surprised because one of them litterly has 8 books! It was insanity. Though my other classes don’t really have much it looks like, so that’s good. The Human Sex book is very interesting. Andrew and I flipped through it last night, good times there.

After buying books we went and worked out, came home and then Andrew made dinner. He did a wonderful job. I wish that I had some to eat now though. I’m starving!

Today I came into work and have been fairly busy. The tape drive on Midas was acting up, so I called Dell and got that taken care of, then we got a bounced e-mail and had to take care of that.

After all that, I came into my office and started working on some other stuff. I finally got a responce from lire about a problem I’ve been having with the software, and worked on that some, along with a way to backup vermont, since it doesn’t ahve a built in tape drive. For some reason vermont-old won’t nfs mount vermont. But harmony and ednt can both do it without any problems. Very strange if you ask me.

I’d really like to just start re-doing vermont-old. But things are very stressful for Nazanin and group around here, so we mostly aren’t bothering them.

Also installed Xgrid on the macs. We now have a 6 Node cluster of Macs, three of which are Dual G5’s. Very nice. lol. What we’re going to do with it though is beyond me!

Oh, also last night after supper Andrew and I just sat aroundall night and had a good time playing video games with against each other. I got a bit upset because he kept killing me in Mortal Kombat… Not my fault that I don’t know how to play or what the buttons do. After that I played some other game, which was fairly amusing. I think I may go home and do that again tonight.

I still haven’t written the cover letter yet.. I just can’t get anything good on it going. Very annoying. Hopefully I’ll have something written here soon though. I really want to get those jobs at Chapman Applied for.

Anyways, that’s about it.
Laters all.!

3 thoughts on “Death!”

  1. Had I known you were takingHuman Sexuality, I may have been able to give you my book and study guide…and saved you some money. Mines…um…well let’s say it’s in mint condition and the study guide isn’t written in. lol Whoops…Adam

  2. Is it the same book do you think? Mines purple, cute, and has lots of nasty pictures in it… ?

    I don’t really think we need the study guide, so I’ll have to return it later sometime.

  3. Yeah that’s the one…it’s quite interesting.

    For our class the study guide was part of our grade…but I never used it. But be forwarned…my teacher liked to test over things not in the study guide…so beware…your teacher may be an evil wench as well.

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