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So Not So Good Times

So, when I’m sick, I am very irratable. And someone seems to enjoy pushing my buttons this week and making me angry. Oh well, I’m sure things will be fine.

The last couple days have sucked. I’ve been very sick, and had a lot to do.

Tuesday morning we gave our presentation in MGMT 414, that went well. I didn’t really think that it would because I was fairly sick and barely able to speak.

Next class, and then I came home. I think, Pretty sure that I did. I sat around tell noon and then went to my other class, we were there for a whole 10 minutes. I was so annoyed cause I could have just stayed home tell 3 for my last class. Anyways, after that I went and printed off notes for my MIS and MGMT 370 classes. From there it was MGMT 370, which was very annoyed, mostly because I was sick and didn’t want to be there.

Once class was over, it was snowing like a mo-fo, and the bus was late, so that was sad, and I think it made my sickness even worse. I was going to run to the g-store once I got home to get food, but by that time the roads seemed a bit slick, since the bus had been sliding. I decided to order pizza.

Hot pizza boy came and we made out and then fucked… Well actually he just delivered the pizza and complained about how bad the roads were. I told him to drive safe. He was actually hot.

I ate pizza and spent the rest of the night on the couch. Andrew called that night, or did I call him. Who knows. Anyways, we got into a stupid fight, reasoning of which you can read about on his journal, my reasonings will be in a private post, as they differ signifigantly from his.

I was very upset that night and just went to bed and slept. WEd morning I got up and it took me 20 minutes to get dressed, I kept feeling light headed and as though I was going to pass out. I had to go to class though, so I pulled myself to the bus and rode it to campus. It was ungodly hot on there, but I think it was just me. I was sweating like a pig.

Went to class and just sat around most of the time, my workout partner made fun of me. Rode the bus back home, showered and contempltated not going to work. But I had far to much to do, so I headed in anyways. Worked from 10:30-2, and then headed to campus to study for my MIS test at 3:30. I went through everything once and then decided to sleep. So I did.

After that it was back home and to the couch for me. I stayed there the rest of the night.

Today I’m feeling a bit better, though still pissed. I didn’t go to my first class, because I woke up about 4am, and didn’t really feel good. I think the extra hour of sleep that I got really helped. Came to campus, second class, boring. Now I’m here, I should be studying for my TransLog test that is at 12:40, but it should be a really easy test. It’s only 30 questions, which is 10 less then all the other tests we’ve had in there. I’ll probably be done with it in like 10-15 minutes, and then catch a bus home and sit around tell 3, come back to campus and go to my last class.

We’ve got the Krell christmas party tonight. I’m sad because I have no one to take to it. Whatever though.

Laters all.

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