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Last Classes

Well, todays the last day of classes for me tell after break. Way exciting, I guess.

My MGMT 414 test was alright, I knew the essay questions, but went blank on one of them. And didn’t know the structures used in the different strategies, so I lost some major points, hopefully not to many for that though, because I did answer the other questions pretty good. I still felt bad though about not knowing the rest of it. I should have. 🙁

Work yesterday was fairly boring, I was working on some analysis stuff for things, I got some pretty cool stuff going, but it doesn’t work on our firewall logs, which is sad. It does however work on everything else, so now I just have to automate it. Hopefully that’ll be done on Friday.

Other then that, not much going on… I’m very tired right now, and just want to go to sleep. ::yawns::

Laters all.

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