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A Call To Banders!

Ok, this is a call to all those fellow North Polkians out there….

Start listing old Marching Band songs that we played!

I’ve got:
Spinning Wheel
25 or 6 to 4 (ok, that was pep band, but close enough)

And so far, I’m drawing a blank on all the others, so if you’ve got’em, list em!

I promise, maybe a real update tomorrow.

Laters all.

6 replies on “A Call To Banders!”

I have it… we can play it and dance to it! YAY! Birdland… And the sex box!!! But that won’t be repeated tell after you leave! 😛

And Zach, I’m pretty sure it’s also the song, Eath Wind and Fire by the band of the same name.

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