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Sim City 4 is way addicting! I’ve been playing it a lot this weekend. Very fun! I can’t wait to get the Rush Hour pack. You get to drive around the city… And I understand that it’s way better graphics and stuff then the Rush Hour pack they had with Sim City 3000, or was it 2000 that that came out for. I can’t remember. So far it’s the ONLY Sim game I don’t own… How sad is that. 🙁

It appears that no one is going to buy my e-bay stuff. Very sad as well. Damnit. I really want to sell that shit too. Grrrr. Perhaps I can take the dump truck thing to an antique dealer and sell it to them, or something. Anyone know where I can sell antiques??

Other then that, not much really going on in my life… I should have been working on projects all weekend, but I didn’t feel like it. So far I’ve barely even put on a shirt… Except to go work out.

And that’s a good thing. I’m finally starting to be happy enough with the way that I look I can go around the house shirtless. It’s way excting for me. So don’t look at me like that. 😛

I got Mandrake 9.2 installed at work through an ftp install, it took a couple days. But it was WAY worth it. They’ve really done a lot in 9.2. Plus it has OO1.1 Which is was exciting because it loads like a million times faster! Only problem I’ve been having is that none of the FTP’s have ALL the packages yet. So I have to kinda search like 3 or 4 FTPs before I could solve all the dependencies. Though they had all the basic stuff for the system. So it’s just extra stuff that I couldn’t get.

In other good news… We’re HALF WAY THROUGH THE SEMESTER NOW!!!! How exciting is that!

Now if only I could say we’re half way through tell I get to see Andrew again. But there’s still like 10 weeks tell then… Unless everyone starts donating more!!! ::whines and begs:: please!

Talked to Jed a lot last night. That was fun. I guess we kinda have a date… but it’s not REALLY a date becayse well… Obviously I’m not looking for anyone. But it’s date like. Cause we’re going to go to dinner and a movie. And he offered to pay for dinner. but I’m not going to take him up on that. 😛 then it’d be way too date like. lol

I’m excited to see him again though. It’ll be fun to chatch up and try and figure out who else on camp staff was family. Good times will ensue I’m sure.

Today I have a date with the Fam. I’m sure that’ll be fun. The aunt wants to see pics from the vacation. But they have lots of me and Andrew pics. So I’ll hvae to show them when G-ma isn’t there. I dunno when that’ll be. I think I’ll leave like 30 minutes early to show her… Cause that’s about how long it takes to go through the pics…

Scary that I know that, isn’t it??

Tonight after the food I have a group meeting with my group from MGMT 414… I’m not looking forward to that mostly because two of my group members really annoy me. An ROTC boy, who I think is gay. And this girl. Who is just very annoying.

Forrest and Ian are both cool though, so that’s good.

I need to get together with my MIS 435 group and really get started on that paper. I wish I could type while I was riding the bike at the rec. Cause that’d be very helpful. Or I wish that the book holders were larger so they could hold actual class books.

I’ve been reading my PolSci book though at the rec. And I’ve found that it’s a good place to read it. It’s easy, but boring reading. But yet it seems to make the 30 minutes on the bike just fly by. So that’s good. And I usually burn 250 calories. So that’s exciting. I’d probably only burn like 40.5 calories if I just sat and read it. lol.

Opps. Some how while I’ve been writing this, my city started loosing money and is now -14,000 in the hole and loosing 17,000 every month! It’s very hard to make money in Sim City 4, that’s the only thing I really don’t like about it. Well that and the way that it lays out the zones. I liked 2000/3000 better for that. Because you could just lay roads every 6 tiles. Here, there’s different spacing for each type of zone, and it tries to lay roads for you and it’s just very annoying.

Well I think I’ve filled way more then I possibly should have… Which means that most of the previous was just a lot of babble.

so I’m out.

Laters all!

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