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You Wanna What?

Ever have one of those days where anything sexual just seems disgusting?

Eh, well I’m having one.

Anyways, test this morning, which was very annoying. I wrote more on the short answer then I did on the essay. I dunno if that’s right, but it just seemed like he was asking for more information on the short answer then he was on the essay questions. I didn’t do so hot on the multi chioce. I guess I just didn’t read the short essays close enough, because most of the questions were from those, and well, very detailed.

One question though…

Who said that politics is harder then physics?

I’d give you choises, but I can’t remember who they were right now. That was a bonus question, and I remember we covered it in class. But at the time of the test, I couldn’t remember… Very annoying.

Over all. I’m hoping that I did alright, though I doubt that I did. Yet another blow.

I’m very stressed out about this though. Because this semester I have TWO classes in which the majority of the testing is essay. And I have YET to have a class where the majoriy of testing was essay based and I have passed the class.

And if I don’t pass these two classes with at least a C. I don’t graduate. So stressfull… It’s back to those HS days.

After the test I went around and took some pics of the change trees. It’s starting to get pretty. Though depressing all at the same time. The sunrise was very pretty this morning, for any of you that got out to see it. I have some pics… Perhaps I shall post them.

Headed to the library and did some homework. Also did some actual work, so I’ll have to charge Krell for some time that I was there. That’s exciting… MONEY!

I got bored there, so I came over to Kildee, and that’s where I’m at now…. Not really doing much. I have to study for the MGMT test on thursday. I have a feeling it’s going to be a pain. He went over the way that he wants the essay’s structured and he seems to be pretty strict about those things. I was very annoyed though because he gave us a sample question to do. Well I didn’t do it because I just simply didn’t have time with studying for my other tests.

But he collected them today and gave extra credit…. I could really use that in there… Grrr.

Oh well I’m sure I’ll get over it…

I fell asleep last night very early and forgot to call Andrew, he seemed a bit worried about it. I apologize to him for not calling. I woke up about 4Am on my couch, and didn’t think I should call him then. I called him this morning about 6:30 though when I actually got out of bed.

Well I’m off now… HW calls.

Laters all.

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Between politics and physics.. I don’t know which would be more of a bitch. Physics is inductive, but hard. Politics can stray off so many ways (“What about issue X pertaining to Y, then?”) that it’s probably no breeze either.

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