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A True Post

Well, I really wanted to make a really funny joke about this being post number 1111, and it being all true! But, I wasted post #1111 on a private entry, so we’ll just pretend that this is post #1111, and that this post is all true.

(Now, you’ll only get that if you’re a programer, :-P)

Last night sucked. Lots of crying, and such. I tried calling Beak to talk about it about 10:00 or so. Left a message and the hoe never called me back. So I just went to bed about 11. Missed both the Gilmore Girls and what I hear to have been a really funny episode of Queer Eye. Very annoying.

Today has been going a tab bit better. But not by much. And it just got 100 times worse. I’m very very cranky.

Got up this morning and had an e-card. It was very sweet. And made me smile. Went to campus, and tried to work out at the rec, but just didn’t have the energy to do as such. Then went to class and worked out a bit there, but still didn’t really put my all into it.

After that it was back home. Changed into my suit and went back to campus to pick up my recommendation letter from John Boehm. He wrote some really good stuff about me. It was very nice and touching. So that was good. Came to work, and we got the Xserve. That was the highlight of my day so far… Well minus the E-card, that really was the hightlight of my day.

Talked to Andrew for a while online, and looked at the Vegas pictures. They made me cry. I miss him so much.

Got an e-mail from my other faculty and went and picked up the recomendation letter from her. I didn’t get to read her’s. 🙁 I hope she wrote good things.

I must now go turn in my app tomorrow and everyone hope that I get accepted!! ::crosses fingers::

Career fair after that. Which was a COMPLETE waste of my time. God it’s so annoying. I talked to like 15-20 companies and only TWO, count them on ONE HAND… TWO! Companies took my resume, everyone else was just like, “Put it on our website.”

If that’s all that I HAD to do then why the hell did I WASTE the $24 that I lost by not working to go to that god damn thing. WHY? Back when I first went EVERY company that I talked to took your paper resume. Now no one does. Very very annoying and a complete waste of my time. I hated it.

Now I’m back at work, and Andrew’s in the shower. I’m waiting for him to get back so we can talk a bit more.

Ok, he’s back, so I’m going to break. Laters

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Whee! Three things!

1. I don’t get why 1111 is “true.” Help me out. I am slow.
2. The career fair WAS annoying! I went to go and try to get people to talk to my about my qualifications. Of course, they’d have to take my resume for that, NOT ask me to put it on their fucking website! I’m sure it’s easier and more reliable and I’ll even do it, but these companies were at a CAREER FAIR!
3. I love that song!

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