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Grrr. Virii

Ok, so someone who has my e-mail address on their computer somewhere has a fucking VIRUS! And it’s VERY annoying because I get between 50-60 e-mails AN HOUR from them.

I get the most from the following hosts:
South Western Bell
Bell South

It’s just VERY annoying, and a lot of the people are from off shore too. Grrr. I hate the internet. I have a filter set up now, but it’s still annoying.

So PLEASE, if you run windows make sure you aren’t infected with the ‘Swen’ virus. Go here to read about it.

In other news, I spent last night watching TV, and doing nothing. Called Andrew to say night and we ended up talking for like a half hour, very interesting. Though also I was a bit semi-annoyed by the convo.

I’m over it now. Though there’s someone out there that has a HUGE crush on him. I’m a bit threatened. Though I know I shouldn’t be.

Reading old journal entried and they make me sad.

Working today, very annoying. I hate Ron, he’s so stupid, and VERY bitchy. Grrr at him.

Class this afternoon, test tomorrow. Test Thursday. Career Fair on Wed. Scary shit going on.

I hope I get a job!!


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