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Todays’ been a very productive day…. Let’s hope that the last few hours continue to be as such.

Got up early this morning, after talking to Andrew on the phone late last night. I still haven’t written that private update, and I don’t think I will either. The issue isn’t pressing enough. Perhaps if the theoretical happens then I’ll write that update about the situation. But I hope/think that it won’t.

I really didn’t want to get out of bed. I had a bad feeling about today, mostly because it’s Friday, and well. Friday’s have been sucking for me lately. I wish that I could skip weekends all together for the next couple months. But we all know that won’t happen.

There was an IM from gap boy saying that he was sorry he didn’t call. But that he had had one of “those” days. I told him no biggie and that I too had had one of “those” days and he probably wouldn’t have wanted to hang out with me last night anyways. Perhaps we’ll make a date again.

Anyways, sat around the house for a while, cause I REALLY didn’t want to ride my bike to campus cause it was fucking COLD out this morning. So I put on some my PJ’s cause they fit over my work out shorts and are really big, so I didn’t have to take off my shoes. Then rode to campus.

I’m really going to have to find something warmer to wear once it gets even colder. Hopefully that won’t be for a while.

Got to the gym, did 30 minutes on the bike and supposedly burned 250 calories. Then did 2 laps around the track, and then sit ups.

After that I took a bit of a break while I ran downstairs and checked in with my Prof. Then went back upstairs, and worked out my arms/chest/legs/everything. So that felt good.

Broke from there a bit early because I was done with my workout and then biked home. Changed and came to work.

As soon as I got here, I could tell that it was going to be a busy day. Though who knew how busy.

First we were having some problems with something. I can’t even remember what it was now. But I got it fixed before the staff meeting. Went to that and we talked, for ever.

Got out of there, and we hooked up the Dell Poweredge which has been sitting idle for more then a month since we got it. It sounds litteraly like a fucking jet plane taking off. It’s so loud. Now, granted we knew it would be loud, but who knew so loud. We think there’s a problem with the sensors, and the fans are spinning at a constant 10,000RPM as opposed to the 7,000 that they should be spinning at. So I spent a large part of the day sitting on the floor next to it, trying to get an OS to install. I finally did, after I found all three Redhat CD’s. Got that installed and then went to install the OpenManager software from dell. Only to find out that it doesn’t yet work in Redhat 9. Fuckers.

So I gave up on that project, though only because I ran out of time to do it.

Shelly’s G5 came in today too. Which was a BIG surprise for me because when I checked this morning, it was still in KC! Anyways, I HAD to play with that. And it’s so sexy. I want to take it him and lay with it in bed. Though, I don’t think it would compare at all to the cuddly Drew Bear that I’ve had previously. But it would at least make me semi-happier. It’s so cute!

Anyways, after that was done, I got a nice mailing list set up for the ASC workshop. Which is exciting. We had been semi-confused as to how to accept mail ONLY for asc, and not for everything else (There’s more to the story, but can’t relay due to reasons). Anyways, I got that set up after a while. And then found out that I was missing a fucking “:” in a setup file. So that was annoying at least.

You would think that Sendmail would have the same syntax between files that do practially the same things, but nope. One file uses a “:” as a seperator, and the other uses a TAB. Who knew.

And well, that’s been my day so far. Hopefully tonight will consist of something. Since I have to go back to DM I thought that I may hang out at JJ’s and study, but at the same time, I don’t want to go out tonight at all. I just want to sit at home and be mad at Andrew for geting to randomly go to Vegas and come up with evil things that I’m sure he’s doing so that I can get madder at him.

Then when he calls and I’ve been sitting at home all night coming up with these evil things I can be pissy at him and then cause problems…

So in other words.. perhaps I should go out to keep my mind occupied to not come up with mean things. Though I really hope that he doesn’t get the tatoo that he was talking about getting. I really wanted to get the next tattoo that he gets with him, so that I can get one too. He did indicate that he wanted to more get his ears peirced again though. So that’s cute. Also mentioned about his tounge. But he’d have to take that out at T-day and christmas. So that wouldn’t be feasible.

Speaking of. I’ve finished Nickel And Dimed. I don’t remmeber if I mentioned that yesterday or not. But I did. And I’m very scared and REALLY pissed at all the major corporations out there. I Think that everyone should read that book. I’ve now started “White Collar Sweatshop”. I’ve only got the introduction done, which is 25 pages. And so far it seems REALLY good. I also recommend that book to everyone.

I got through those 25 pages in 30 minutes too, which I felt was good for me. Since I’m a fairly slow reader. And that time includes a few minutes here and there of just staring at the hot boys as they run around the track, and also a few minutes of trying to get hoodie under control. :-[

Reading Andrew’s journal lately has really made me wish that I had been around more when things we’re happening. I didn’t realize how many IC trips I missed, and how many fun things I missed by always doing what Adam wanted to do. I also wish that I could get the pics of that day that we plastered Andrew’s chest. I need some new material to stare at when I’m sad.

I’m out, yall.


EDIT:// Also forgot to mention that I went and talked to two Faculty today and got recomendation letters from them. That’s exciting. I pick up the one from John on Wed, and I don’t know when Susan will get hers done. She said it’ll be before Oct 15th. But I really want it next week so that I can get this app in as fast as possible.

I had a really nice talk with John today too. It’s always really good when a professor actually REMEMBERS you from a class. He asked me how I was doing, and talked about some of the things that I talked about in my english papers. He also asked me if I liked the class and stuff. Even noticed that I’ve lost a few pounds (About 15 now) since I was in his class. I was really surprised by that, I mean how many of your teachers would NOTICE that you loose weight? Most boyfriends/girlfriends probably wouldn’t even notice.

He also said that he had a very positive memory of me being in his class. So that’s exciting.

Anyhow. I’m really out now. Laters.

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