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Where Do They Hide?

Ok, well lots of things to update about, but also lots of work to do, so we’ll see what I actually get updated about and what doesn’t get an update about.

First off there’s something that I’ve been meaning to mention for a LONG time. And that’s the fact that they GYM is very sexual… I mean, hello. Those machines? They put the ass in the perfect spot for a good fucking. And oh man, do some of those boys that work out there have nice asses! 😛 Today I was really horny and contemplated writing another story, which I haven’t done in like a year. So perhaps I shall do that tonight after I write that paper that I have to do. I have it all planned out already. I just have to write it down. Also thought that it would be hot to make a porno in the Beyer weight room. Mmmm. Hot!

Speaking of hot, it was REALLY fucking hot in the Rec center this morning. I hope that they don’t plan on keeping it that hot all freaking winter there. That would be really annoying. Though I’m starting to see a difference in my workouts. I’m lifting heavier weights and just getting better in general. I asked my Prof to bring in a body-fat thing, but he didn’t. Maybe he’ll do that Friday. I’d really like to know what it is, considering that when I did it in HS, it was like 35% or something. lol.

And one other thing that I really wanted to talk about here real quick like. Is the fact that there’s people out there who persue me to date me. But they always seem to wait for to long before they let me know that they have intentions, and then when they do tell me. It’s at the WRONG time. Andrew was one example of that, and now I have Shepely who’s been trying to get me too. It’s very wierd if you ask me… That anyone would actually seek me out to date. Very strange. Though it does make me feel good.

Also I talked to Gap Boy yesterday. Just for a ocuple minutes cause I was on my wayt o class, so I couldn’t talk long. THough I’m going to go back today and purchase a shirt from him for B-week. Good times.

Alright, on to the week!

Yesterday was just a down day for me in general. I didn’t really do much and lately it’s been getting harder and harder for me to roll myself out of bed in the morning. And it’s not just because I haven’t been sleeping. Which I haven’t been.

I went and talked to the Career Services guy and he gave nothing but bad news about my wanting to move to Cali. Though I am going, I don’t care if I have a job or not. Which he said that it appears that since my dedication is so high, I do have a better chance of at least getting a foot in the door since I’m going to be out there anyways for Spring Break. Anyways, that brought me down.

Then I went home and sat and watched TV all night long. Which brought me down even more, and then Andrew didn’t call tell late, and I was pissy with him and then I got very sad and started crying on the phone and it was just bad in general. Very very bad.

Today’s been going alright, though I have a ton of work to do, and I really don’t want to do any of it. Really I don’t.

Anyways, I should go do that that and then write a private update about some things.

Laters all.

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