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A Chat About Love

21:23:32) SqUaLL0112: and now we can make love in any position and you wont be concerned about the jiggleness
(21:23:55) BlackC 2004: lol… I dunno if that’ll be a problem though, will it.
(21:23:56) BlackC 2004: lol
(21:25:32) SqUaLL0112: who knows? O:-)
(21:25:45) BlackC 2004: I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out. Eh?
(21:25:45) SqUaLL0112: well for all those other boys you have sex with
(21:26:01) BlackC 2004: Yeah, all 8 trillion of them!
(21:26:05) SqUaLL0112: eh
(21:26:15) BlackC 2004: Boy, let me tell you.. I’ve had a new boy every night in bed.
(21:26:18) SqUaLL0112: thats what i thought
(21:26:21) BlackC 2004: Infact, there’s one waiting there now!
(21:26:26) BlackC 2004: So I’ll have to go soon. 😛
(21:26:30) SqUaLL0112: mm hmm well go fuck him
(21:26:36) BlackC 2004: Yep… I’m going to here in a bit.
(21:26:39) BlackC 2004: Don’t worry.
(21:26:40) BlackC 2004: lol
(21:26:43) BlackC 2004: 😛
(21:26:53) BlackC 2004: but i”m sure you’re getting your full share of nice ass out there!
(21:27:08) BlackC 2004: Probably a lot hotter then the ones left here nowt hat you’re cute ass is out of thes tate!
(21:27:22) SqUaLL0112: i thought s
(21:27:22) SqUaLL0112: so
(21:27:51) SqUaLL0112: whatever
(21:27:57) BlackC 2004: Yeah, whatever is right!
(21:28:03) SqUaLL0112: there isnt any ass here
(21:28:14) SqUaLL0112: besides my cute bootay
(21:28:52) BlackC 2004: lol.. And I bet yours is the cutest one in your bed… But I bet some of those other booties are a close second!
(21:29:17) SqUaLL0112: well considering i have been the only one in my bed
(21:29:44) BlackC 2004: Oh… You’ve been doing it in the roomies beds?? How HOT!
(21:29:44) BlackC 2004: lol
(21:29:51) SqUaLL0112: oh shut up
(21:30:00) SqUaLL0112: yeah thtats exactly is
(21:30:01) SqUaLL0112: it
(21:30:06) BlackC 2004: I bet it is!
(21:30:13) BlackC 2004: I would, it’d be sooooo hot!
(21:30:28) SqUaLL0112: so when yo ucome for spring break, well make love in my roommates bed
(21:30:45) BlackC 2004: Well I’m sure you’ll have already done that by then, so it won’t be as hot!!
(21:30:46) BlackC 2004: lol
(21:31:34) SqUaLL0112: i dont think so, youll be the first
(21:31:56) BlackC 2004: Ok… We’ll have to see how things at Christmas go first?
(21:32:04) BlackC 2004: “We agree that we shouldn’t eat Grandma; we simply disagree about whether the cow is (or could be) Grandma.” ~ James Rachels ~
(21:32:08) BlackC 2004: (Sorry, random quote)
(21:33:05) SqUaLL0112: well im gonna let you decide all
(21:33:29) BlackC 2004: ME! I don’t ever decide anything. It’ll all be a mutual decision about anything that happens ever!
(21:33:38) BlackC 2004: I just may not let you sleep in my bed… The couch it is for you!
(21:35:09) SqUaLL0112: you are sucha liar
(21:35:17) BlackC 2004: Me??? I’m not a liar!
(21:35:18) SqUaLL0112: you know you are going to let me sleep in your bed
(21:35:25) BlackC 2004: No, I just may not.
(21:35:30) BlackC 2004: I dunno if there will be enough room!
(21:35:36) BlackC 2004: My Muscles will be so big by then!
(21:35:42) SqUaLL0112: LOL whateve
(21:36:08) BlackC 2004: You know it!
(21:36:51) BlackC 2004: So for some reason, I’m watching the history of bra’s?
(21:37:17) SqUaLL0112: LMAO
(21:37:27) SqUaLL0112: you are so random sometimes, i miss you
(21:37:33) BlackC 2004: It’s very scary… To many breasts.
(21:37:42) BlackC 2004: Awww, thanks. I miss you too!
(21:38:12) SqUaLL0112: 🙂
(21:38:53) BlackC 2004: 😀

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