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Giving Bad Advice

Well, Andrew’s having problems. He feels that he doeesn’t really fit in out there, and he wants to come back, or transfer or something. Just get out of Chapman.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about it lately, and I really want to give him some really bad Advice. I really want to tell him to drop the hell out and come back here. I just want him back here so badly. I want to be with him again, even if it is just as friends. I just want my friend (And maybe even boyfriend) Andrew back.

But I know that I should tell him to stick it out. I know that that’s what will be best. He should stay there a year, and then transfer to where ever it is he wants too. Whether that be a community college so that he can make up those 60 credits to get into SDSU, or to another state college, such as SFSU, or something.

I also believe that if he REALLY hates it there he should transfer at semester. The only problem with that is that he’d have to make that decision RIGHT now, and he still doesn’t know how much he’s going to like/dislike it there.

In all actuallity I think he’s just homesick, and once things start to pick up, and he gets more busy things will be better. He’s got what seems like a great group of people to hang out with. If you consider them friends, or just people he hangs out with. they’re still great, and I think that he could eventually become friends with them. He just needs to give it all some time. Everyone else there is still trying to find thier group, and so is he.

Eventually the groups will get smaller, and he’ll find that group that works with him and his personality. I mean just look at how many people here in Iowa that he’s hung out with over the four years that he was here. There’s so many different groups that he was involved in. He just has to start that process all over again, and it’ll work out.

Now I just wish I could say the same for me.

Anyways, We’ve been talking a lot lately and I just don’t know what to tell him. All I hope is that I’m making things better, not worse. I’m really glad that we’re keeping in touch as much as we have been, and can only hope that things keep going this way over the next couple months!

Much love is sent his way and I hope that things get better. I hope that I can still be here for him when he feels the need to talk and I hope that he finds his group there. I don’t want him to be miserable everytime we talk. It’s really sad to hear him pick up his phone and answer it the way that he has been lately. I want to hear my cheerfull Drew Bear’s voice once again.

I can’t wait tell he gets back for Christmas though. I want to spend a whole day just sitting on the couch and talking! It’ll be great. Plus I already have a few mischievous plans.

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