My Life

Day One..

Well, it begings, my last year in College…

I’m really scared right now about it all. I don’t know though, if I’m scared just because of it, or if I’m scared because of everything that’s going on in my life… It’s all very confusing.

My classes today were good. I had one at 10, but I got that changed to 9 now, so that’s cool. It’s a weight lifting class and seems as though it’ll be pretty easy, and I’ll be able to get all buff and shit. Now I just have to actually go to it.

My second class was alright. It was with a professor that I had last semester that I really hated then. But it seems as though he’s really cleaned up his act over the summer. He seemed much more prepared for this class. There’s someone that I like in there too, so we sat next to each other and talked. Group project, hopefully I’ll have a good group.

After that I headed over to the mall and got jobs apps. I’m on a quest to find a part-time job. I really need something to keep myself busy over the weekends, and the like. I know that I don’t have enough friends to do that.

Once I was done with that, I came home and chatted with Drew a bit, and then went and cooked. By the time I got back he, was gone already, so I just watched some TV. Good times.

And that’ll be my life for the next 4 months.

And there’s only 18 more weeks to go. I’m counting down.


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