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Visit From An Old Friend

(11:36:54) AcerSai: Hey are you there?
(11:36:59) pischkoa: Yes.
(11:37:12) AcerSai: OK well…
(11:38:16) AcerSai: First off, I wan to make sure you’re not pissed at me for talking to Ben…he made mendtion of your conversations…and I think he made light of me mentioning you liking him. It wasn’t tht big of a part of the conversation…he said he’d call you and clear the air.
(11:40:02) AcerSai: But secondly and more importantly I wanted to contact you just to let you know that I really have moved on from everything and I forgive you for everything that has happened. I wish you all the luck in the world for your future.
(11:41:10) AcerSai: At some point if you’re comfortable, I’d like to talk to you, even just to catch up a bit. I hve a few of your things I think you’d like back as well. But I just want you to kno the air is clear.
(11:41:22) pischkoa: First, I’m just fairly annoyed with you about telling, him about my feelings, that was not something that should have been reshared.

Secondly, I know that the air is clear.
(11:41:55) pischkoa: I would like my stuff back, I’ll be at JJ’s Saturday night, maybe. I’m supposed to meet up with Ben S.
(11:42:48) AcerSai: I understand you’re bing annoyed. It was one smal part of a fairly long conversation. I only said that you had wondered if he was gay. He said he knew you were. I was like, “You should have said something, I know he wanted to know if you were…I think he liked you for a bit. You could have been better friends…”
(11:43:22) AcerSai: He seemed intrigued by this and asked about it. He said something to the effect of, “Well had I not had a boyfriend at the time something could have heppened”
(11:44:07) AcerSai: Did he tell you exactly why he left camp?
(11:44:26) pischkoa: No, We only talked for a bit… As you can imagine, I’m a bit emotional right now and wasn’t int he mood to talk to him.
(11:44:36) AcerSai: Obviously.
(11:44:52) AcerSai: and I’m sorry to hear that. I hope all will be well for you.
(11:46:06) AcerSai: Well as I can imagine you’re probably not in much mood to talk to me either. I had planned to wiat a while, after school started and whatnot, to contact you. Give you some recovery time. But then the Ben thing popped up an i wanted to apoligise for that.
(11:46:50) AcerSai: So I’ll leave you to your work. I hope you know you can talk to me any time. I told Andrew the same thing.
(11:47:14) AcerSai: So, maybe I’ll see you Saturday night. bye
(11:47:22) pischkoa: Thanks, I’ll talk to you later.
(11:47:23) pischkoa: Bye.

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