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A Hard Day

It’s been a very hard day here for me. Sitting in my office thinking about Andrew and how much fun I’m sure he’s having out there in Cali…

I bet he’s already forgotten all about us, and he’s just having a blast. lol.

No, actually we’ve talked a bit today and it’s good to talk to him, through IM I can always just imagine that he’s only 40 minutes away in Waukee, but I’ll always know in the back of my head that he’s actually half way across the country.

It will take a while for that to really kick in here, for me to really realize that I won’t see him again tell Christmas, maybe longer if his PU’s don’t let him come back. I really want him to stay longer then he in over the break, but I know that he can’t. It’ll be really hard to let him go again after seeing him. I know it will… But let’s not look to far into the future, right now I just have to live each day as it comes, and hopefully they’ll all go by much faster than today has.

I spent the day mostly just sitting in front of my computer, only doing the tasks that sounded fun.

I did print off all the pictures from the trip that I wanted physical copies of, and that was nice. I put some of them up on my wall here at work.

I really want to put up more of them, but I fear that people might think I’m a bit crazy with so many pics up. So maybe they’ll go up at home, if I get around to putting that wall of pictures up again.

I did get them all up online as well. They are located here.

Well, I have to go now before I start crying more in my office. Laters all.

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